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Slack lands $120M for its collaboration software and is now a billion-dollar company

Slack, the work-collaboration tool startup that’s become a big hit in recent months, said Friday that it scored $120 million in funding, bringing the company’s total investment to $180 million. 312 more words

Zombified Kronos System?

You know, on the bucket list of my boss is to be an extra on the Walking Dead or some zombie flick. That’s really not much to ask, is it? 183 more words

Just how big is Amazon Web Services' lead? It depends on whom you ask

It’s uncontested that Amazon’s cloud is by far the biggest. Details beyond that, however, are mighty scarce. None of the major cloud providers — Amazon or its chief public cloud rivals Microsoft and Google — are particularly transparent when it comes to the revenues and profits they derive from cloud, the number of servers they host, or anything at all, really. 436 more words

Zettabyte Big

Electricity makes the cyber world go ’round, and that’s huge

From the minute we wake up and unplug our mobile phones from their chargers, these little gadgets are our constant companions. 927 more words


IBM to build Chinese cloud presence with help from Tencent

The great race by U.S. cloud companies to capture part of the huge Chinese market continued with Friday’s news that IBM is working with Tencent Cloud to provide cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service capabilities for business in China. 284 more words

Joyent gets $15M in funding and tries to jump on the container bandwagon

Cloud provider Joyent said Friday that it landed a $15 million funding round and is now emphasizing the use of container technology within its cloud infrastructure. 312 more words

Making DataStage jobs Cloud ready using S3 connector

In my last blog, I was mentioning how a user can trigger a batch ETL job dynamically using the power of ISD. And we saw how the user can dynamically choose the input and output file. 270 more words

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