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Show me your Scondermads!

Scondermads are Smart CONnected Devices using Elastic Resources generating and processing MAssive Data Sets.    Formerly called the “Internet of Things”, examples of new Scondermads are popping up almost daily, threatening to disrupt every industry on earth. 229 more words

Amazon Web Services

Use Jolicloud Drive To Manage Your Online Drive Accounts In One Place

Some of you may have heard of the Jolicloud OS that originally established its’ roots back in 2009 with the intent of using the infinite power of the cloud to pull all your online apps together in a very nice interface that could be accessed in your web browser. 242 more words


A gentle introduction to Apache Spark

General Q/A:

1. What is Apache Spark?

- A open source and powerful data processing engine.

- Complement (or even replace) its pioneer counterpart – Hadoop in the future due to much better performance. 1,063 more words

Apache Spark

LinkedIn explains its complex Gobblin big data framework

LinkedIn shed more light Tuesday on a big-data framework dubbed Gobblin that helps the social network take in tons of data from a variety of sources so that it can be analyzed in its Hadoop-based data warehouses. 392 more words

Top IT & Marketing Trends for 2015

Visual – Strategic Technological Trends for 2015

Top IT Trends for 2015

                                                                     November, 26th, 2014.

Hello everyone, like me maybe you are curious about what’s coming next, and what issues are most relevenat to the IT world, business & marketing. 153 more words

Talking Tech Series: VMware NSX Edge Scale Out with Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routing

This post was written by Roie Ben Haim and Max Ardica, with a special thanks to Jerome Catrouillet, Michael Haines, Tiran Efrat and Ofir Nissim for their valuable input. 63 more words

Data Center Design

Artificial Intelligence: A New Frontier in Data Center Innovation

Google made headlines when it revealed that it is using machine learning to optimize its data center performance. But the search giant isn’t the first company to harness artificial intelligence to fine-tune its server infrastructure. 37 more words

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