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Fog Computing

The term “fog computing” or “edge computing” means that rather than hosting and working from a centralized cloud, fog systems operate on network ends. It is a term for placing some processes and resources at the edge of the cloud, instead of establishing channels for cloud storage and utilization.  837 more words

New Things

IBM CEO takes bonus, gets a raise

IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty is taking a bonus of $3.6 million for 2014, according to SEC documents posted Friday and spotted by Bloomberg News. She will also receive a 6.7 percent salary increase bringing her salary total to $1.6 million for 2015 — her first raise since becoming IBM CEO in 2012. 466 more words

Are You Thinking About Clouds?

I recent piece on Forbes puts forward a list of 10 myths about cloud computing. Most of them are quite sensible, but there is one that I have a bit of an issue with, because it is poorly justified and not properly explored. 1,300 more words

Round up the Right Data, Not Usual Suspects

“Round up the usual suspects,” is one of the classic quotes from the 1942 film Casablanca. When this phrase is muttered as the plan of action, you’re far from the truth. 1,017 more words

Building Automation

3 Reasons Hybrid Cloud is Much More Secure Than You Think

Hybrid cloud adoption continues to gain momentum, and businesses across nearly every industry are eagerly working to infuse agility into their organization by adopting the hybrid cloud model. 17 more words

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