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PS NOW 오픈 베타

오픈 베타가 PS VITA도 지원을 시작해서 간략하게 만져 보았다. MS도 비슷한 형태의 서비스를 계획 중이라는 루머가 돌고 있는 것을 보면 기기 수준에서의 지원에서 점차 클라우드 기반의 구독형 서비스로 무게 중심이 옮겨가는 것을 느낄 수 있다. 35 more words


OnLive teams up with London's Green Man Gaming to resell its cloud-gaming service

OnLive has teamed up with British game retailer Green Man Gaming to resell subscriptions for OnLive’s cloud-gaming subscription service. The deal is the first of its kind in which a game retailer resells OnLive’s online bundles of games delivered via web-connected data centers, or the cloud. 505 more words


Shinra is now a Real Company

During the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announces Shinra Technologies, a new company that is all about cloud gaming.

Shinra Technologies = Cloud Gaming.

Well played, Square Enix! 88 more words


Xbox Games Might Soon Be Playable on PC

Microsoft is reportedly working on a streaming service that will allow Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to be played on PCs. 242 more words


How Telltale Games is preparing for the era of cloud gaming

Telltale Games is known for pushing the edge on interactive storytelling with games like The Walking Dead, the episodic, post-apocalypse game that forced players to make tough choices about which friends to save from zombies. 1,904 more words