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Virtual scenarios for gaming

Microsoft Research’s ‘DeLorean’ cloud gaming system can predict your next move

Cloud gaming may sound like little more than a marketing buzzword, but the idea of running games off of powerful servers and streaming them to small boxes under your TV is incredibly promising. 135 more words

Virtual Reality

Um futuro sem lag para jogos online?

É exatamente isto que a Microsoft pretende com a pesquisa e desenvolvimento de uma solução em “cloud-gaming” que irá diminuir a latência na resposta do servidor utilizando previsões das ações futuras do jogador. 219 more words


Microsoft unveils "DeLorean": Fixing Cloud Gaming by Predicting your Next Move

Cloud Gaming is an interesting Prospect. It brings all the advantages of Cloud Computing to Gaming. For example, any device with a Strong Internet Connection can stream high-end Games with the Graphics Maxed-Out, as all the processing is done at the Server. 163 more words

Company Announcement

Microsoft Research Shows Off "DeLorean," Its Tech For Building A Lag-Free Cloud Gaming Service

When looking to the future of gaming, few concepts get people as excited as the mythical “Netflix for gaming.” It’s a concept that we’ve seen in multiple forms, from… 472 more words


Cloud Gaming: Can inventive mathematics overcome infrastructure woes?

Shortly ensuing yesterdays’ post on current-gen console lifespans, Microsoft published the findings of a research project named DeLorean. Contained within, exist a set of algorithms and computations to proliferate the possibility of cloud gaming to a realistic point. 435 more words

Amazon Appstore exec paints one vision of gaming's future: wearables, cars, and, of course, Fire devices

SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon’s interest in video games is growing, as we can see from a talk from a company executive at the Casual Connect game conference today. 474 more words


Making smart TVs fun: Casual cloud games come to Vizio's big sceens

Gaming on smart TVs is getting a kickstart today as TV maker Vizio is announcing that its smart televisions will come with TransGaming‘s GameTree TV cloud-gaming service. 374 more words