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Google’s made it easier for developers to pay their bills on the Google Cloud Platform, the search giant said today. Coders can now use a single billing account to pay for all of their projects without having to create multiple accounts like they previously had to do. 61 more words

Blue Box, the Seattle-based startup that in September showcased an expandable private cloud built on top of OpenStack, has brought in a $10 million series B funding round. 65 more words

What All the Recent Tech Company Splits Say about the Future of Cloud Computing

Few words raise more consternation than ‘this time is different.’ Yet in the world of enterprise tech today, timesare different — and they are likely to stay that way for a while. 1,371 more words

With $10M, 2nd Watch wants to help companies move to the cloud

2nd Watch, a startup that helps companies move to and operate on Amazon Web Services (AWS), plans to announce Tuesday that it took in a $10 million in a series C investment round, bringing the company’s total funding to over $37 million. 332 more words

Google and Snapchat Veteran Magnusson to Lead Oracle Cloud

Business software giant Oracle is getting serious about cloud computing and has made its first hire demonstrating exactly how serious.

Sources familiar with the move tell… 277 more words


Wercker takes in $2.4 million to help developers test their code in the cloud

Wercker, a startup that aims to help developers build stable and maintainable code, brought in $2.4 million, bringing total funding to $3.2 million, said founder and CEO Micha Hernandez van Leuffen. 288 more words

How Conjur’s identity management tool helps developers and operations stay together in a happy marriage

When thinking about how cloud computing has changed the nature of applications, it’s hard not to consider just how much better modern-day apps are with regards to how fast they can operate, retrieve data and perform other useful tasks thanks to what the cloud can provide. 882 more words