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When a group of developers met in 2001 to debate and discuss a new set of “lightweight” methods for software development, the Agile Manifesto was born.  225 more words

Cloud-Client Computing

The entire history of the computing industry ebbs and flows between centralized and distributed computing. We started with mainframes with terminals on the end, so that everything ran centrally in the mainframe with the terminals as displays. 396 more words

You can now automatically recover instances for Amazon EC2

In yet another sign that the big cloud players of Google, Amazon and Microsoft have moved on from just storage price cuts are in the midst of a… 394 more words

IBM unveils a mainframe built for the mobile world

If you thought the rise of cloud computing spelled the end for the mainframe, think again. IBM announced Tuesday its new z13 mainframe, a system that took over five years to develop and which Big Blue says will be available in the first quarter of 2015. 399 more words

The guy behind IBM's blockchain tech for IoT has left

Paul Brody, the man in charge of selling mobile and internet of things services to business in North America for IBM, left the company as of Tuesday. 318 more words