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VMware plays nice with OpenStack, unveils a VMware-powered data-center-in-a-box

Virtualization giant VMware plans to announce Monday that its lineup of tools for the data center will soon be compatible with the OpenStack open source cloud framework. 996 more words

Eucalyptus CEO, acknowledging some tough going, claims cloud turnaround

It’s not unusual for the CEO of a company to crow about its performance. It is sort of striking when, in the process of doing so, that CEO admits to big problems in the past. 615 more words

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Bezos's law signals it's time to ditch the data center

Wherever you stand on the debate over which cloud giant will reign supreme, it’s clear that the economic forces shaping the market are evolving quickly. After nearly three decades helping companies move their enterprise applications into the modern era, whether to new servers, operating systems or clouds, I’ve seen the cycle before: innovation leads to rapid expansion, which leads to consolidation, shake-out and more innovation. 771 more words

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a16z Podcast: An Open Source Business Model That Works

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Open source software has permeated practically every nook of the software world. The biggest companies and largest-scale systems all lean heavily on open source code. 117 more words

a16z Podcast: The Consumerization of IT

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a16z’s Peter Levine goes deeper into the changing nature of the data center with Yoram Novick, CEO of Maxta, and Florian Leibert, CEO of Mesosphere. 74 more words

The Datacenter of the Future

The mobile revolution has spread beyond the mini supercomputers in our hands all the way to the datacenter.

With our expanded use of smartphones comes increased pressure on servers to help drive these devices: The activity we see everyday on our phones is a mere pinhole view into all that’s happening behind the scenes, in the massive cloud infrastructure powering all those apps, photo-shares, messages, notifications, tweets, emails, and more. 84 more words

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a16z Podcast: Mobile Invades the Data Center

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There is a shift in enterprise hardware from expensive, proprietary hardware to cheap components plucked directly from the consumer hardware supply chain. 123 more words