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Best practices for deploying enterprise-grade OpenStack implementations

OpenStack gives modern IT organizations the tools they need to be strategic partners in their businesses. By using these practices, you can build an OpenStack environment that meets your enterprise needs. 71 more words

With $26M, Snowflake Computing is hoping its take on data warehousing will hit the mainstream

Snowflake Computing, a big data startup whose CEO Bob Muglia was a former Microsoft executive, plans to announce on Tuesday that it’s coming out of stealth and has taken in a funding round of $26 million, which makes for total investment of around $50 million. 388 more words

Fix: Azure Cloud Services Error: No deployments were found. Http Status Code: NotFound

If you find yourself having to move existing .Net solutions to Microsoft Azure you may come across an initial deployment issue if you add a Cloud Service Project type to your existing application and then publish it to a new Azure Cloud Service using Visual Studio. 297 more words

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Fix: unable to delete an Azure Storage Container due to a lease.

A quick tip for anyone who gets stuck when trying to delete an Azure Blob Storage Container that appears to be empty but upon deletion generates the following helpful error message… 144 more words

Cloud Infrastructure

Google’s made it easier for developers to pay their bills on the Google Cloud Platform, the search giant said today. Coders can now use a single billing account to pay for all of their projects without having to create multiple accounts like they previously had to do. 61 more words

Blue Box, the Seattle-based startup that in September showcased an expandable private cloud built on top of OpenStack, has brought in a $10 million series B funding round. 65 more words

What All the Recent Tech Company Splits Say about the Future of Cloud Computing

Few words raise more consternation than ‘this time is different.’ Yet in the world of enterprise tech today, timesare different — and they are likely to stay that way for a while. 1,371 more words