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Well, what happened there?

So Thanksgiving is over again for another year! Now, it is time to collect the data and get out those reports that will definitely show the massive increase in shopping and sales – especially from mobile devices! 183 more words

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Holiday Spending in Full Progress

And once again, the predictions have proved themselves for the last few days – will the next few days’ ‘spending numbers’ disappoint? I don’t think so. 268 more words

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Less shops open on Thanksgiving: a result of eCommerce?

From an early moment onwards, companies have informed the public that their shops will not open on Thanksgiving day. This has given rise to multiple reactions of consumers, ranging from understanding and empathy to annoyance. 295 more words

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Thanksgiving and Shopping

The next holiday is about to come up; only a few weeks left to go and we can celebrate Thanksgiving again.

But before the day hits us, a few interesting statistics, trends and facts have recently been released by both IBM and Adobe that highlight a few interesting factors for this year’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber-Monday. 341 more words

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A Story of E-Commerce: Let's shop online!

Today ‘E-Commerce’ is a word that we cannot really live without anymore – it is a part of our day-to-day life, but when did it manage to take over? 443 more words

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Halloween, Pinterest, Cloud: What does this tell us for the future?

Tomorrow! After 2 weeks of preparation time has once again flown past and Halloween is tomorrow.

Pinterest is not one of the older Social Media Platforms available, but manages to spark creativity and ideas as it allows to focus on colorful and eye-catching images that barely get lost under lots of text. 345 more words

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Scary Mobile Marketing: it's taking over!

For decades people have relied on their computers and laptops to log onto the internet. Mobile is now changing this – faster than ever.

This year, for the first time ever, more people have been accessing websites from their mobile device. 291 more words

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