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Illumio, exiting stealth, aims to secure both your data center and the cloud

After a not-so-quiet 22 months, security startup Illumio plans to come out of stealth and detail how its technology works on Wednesday.

Illumio’s take on securing the data center as well as cloud infrastructure makes for something more than providing a modern-day firewall for the cloud, said Andrew Rubin, Illumio’s CEO and founder. 374 more words

Keeping Video Conferencing Security in Perspective …

I was doing more research on video conferencing. I was interested because it seems to me that a cloud video conferencing service is much more secure than a stand alone system sitting behind a firewall- as long as the cloud conferencing provider is using active monitoring and industry best practices for security. 893 more words

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How can Jennifer Lawrence help me sell cloud hosted software?

In an apparent massive hacking leak, “a flagrant violation of privacy” according to Lawrence, naked photos of Hollywood starlets have been traipsed all over the internet.   361 more words


Philips launches wearable for chronic illness, to make the internet of things medical-grade

The people who most need fitness trackers and quantified self gadgets aren’t necessarily the ones using them. People who are chronically ill could benefit from wearable technology and the data those devices provide, but the gap between the consumer and the medical market looms large. 281 more words

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Who's going to Structure Connect next week in San Francisco? We can't but we'll be watching for your tweets and blogs from the front lines. This is a really interesting idea and also, since medical records are involved, this will be a great moment of improving cloud security. We haven't checked in with the EMR development community, but they must be buzzing with preparing for the coming Internet of Things.

7 Million Dropbox Passwords could be released in the Wild...

Dropbox claims they haven’t been hacked but, they’ve had up to 7 million usernames and passwords stolen. The hacker first leaked 400 of these on PasteBin site and requested BitCoin donations before releasing more on the site. 339 more words

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#infosec How to block an ongoing dictionary attack / brute force attack against Windows Servers, #MSexchange and more

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How to block an intrusion attack against Windows Servers for free

If your server or datacenter is targeted by a brute force attack a.k.a dicttionary attacks , it might be hard to figure out how to quickly make it stop. 643 more words

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