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What is #TheFappening (Informational Video)

Youtube channel ReGoat This was kind enough to create a Youtube video about #TheFappening. If you aren’t sure what that is, well, let me just say it was something amazing to watch unfold last night.

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Cloud Security: Top Cloud Security Risks

Why Cloud vulnerable:

Most security problems stem from:

Loss of control:

  • Data, applications, resources are located with provider
  • User identity management is handled by the provider…
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iCloud security! Morale of the story? Two-step verification!

As you probably heard, around 101 iCloud accounts of Hollywood celebrities got hacked exposing to the world many nude/half nude/private pictures. Now, before you go surfing search engines (you can always do that later…), think about something – what makes your iCloud account different, or on this matter, what makes any of your important accounts different? 38 more words

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Como asegurar protección de datos personales en base de datos

Mediante la implementación de forma proactiva para protección de datos, los siguientes estos 10 pasos, una organización puede reducir su exposición al riesgo y asegurarse de que están en la vía rápida al éxito de seguridad de base de datos. 424 more words

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Problemas de seguridad en base de datos

Las bases de datos son parte integral de la parte final de muchas aplicaciones de software y servicios de seguridad informatica. Ya sea para el almacenamiento de datos médicos o simplemente mejores puntuaciones, las bases de datos son ampliamente utilizados y aplicados en una variedad de aplicaciones. 415 more words

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Smart Agent > PAC File

As we’ve been developing our web security solution for Macs and Windows, the question often comes up if we use an agent/client or just configure the native proxy (often done via… 522 more words