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Security Management via the Cloud: 'Organisations must embrace the risks as well as the opportunities'

Organisations embracing cloud-based security management systems will see major benefits from doing so but must adapt quickly to ensure they don’t open themselves up to evolving risks. 602 more words


How Secure is Your Data?

Much of our time is spent online.  We use the internet for socializing, shopping, business, and much more.  Our personal information and data are protected by nothing more that a password.  236 more words

Cloud Computing

Multi-Tenant, Dedicated or Hybrid – Which to Choose?

When it comes to business, cloud computing is on everyone’s mind. This next generation of computing technology is proving to be extremely beneficial for organizations of every size. 764 more words

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Only 10% of Hospitals & Clinics Keep Their Patients’ Data Safe

According to privacy researchers at the Ponemon Institute, “Recent numbers show 90% of health care organizations have exposed their patients’ data — or had it stolen — in 2012 and 2013.” The implications of this research are far-reaching and unsettling for most consumers. 389 more words

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Note-to-self: understand and manage the risk posed by targeted attacks by determined adversaries


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Microsoft has released a series of whitepapers that are designed to help organizations understand and manage the risk posed by targeted attacks by determined adversaries.  80 more words


Omniquad launches Mailwall Cloud - Wide Angle protection for Office 365

Many small and large businesses prepare to take to the Clouds with Microsoft Office 365. A cloud based solution makes sense, and a scale-able powerful cloud solution even more sense.   518 more words

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[Infographic] Confident and Careful in the Cloud

Early insights from the 2014 CISO Assessment by the IBM Center for Applied Insights. 7 more words