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French Company guarantees [geoengineers] rain free wedding for $100K

For $100,000, This Company Will Guarantee You a Rain-Free Wedding

Oliver’s Travels guarantees the perfect wedding day weather



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Research on increasing Rainfall.

For the third consecutive year, certain parts of the country had below normal rainfall. But in certain parts, the rainfall was more than normal. Not only this. 218 more words


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Anyone Looking Up?

Hello beautiful people! I want to continue to shed some light on the poisoning of the world population via chem-trails. After all, this is the year for action and not complacency. 482 more words


Biggest Cloud-Seeding Experiment Yet Only Sparks More Debate

Meteorologists first conceived of seeding clouds as a way to increase rainfall in 1946, working at General Electric’s laboratories in Schenectady, New York. But in the nearly 60 years since then, it has remained unclear whether human attempts to make it snow actually work. 792 more words


Cloud seeding study boosts hopes in parched West -- WyoFile

From Environment & Energy Daily (Annie Snider) via WyoFile:

As a painful reckoning sets in throughout the West, where the Colorado River Basin is in its 15th straight year of drought, desperate water managers are welcoming a new cloud-seeding study as rare good news.

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