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Report: Wyoming cloud seeding program said to increase snowpack

Click here to read the draft executive summary. Here’s an excerpt:

The Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program (WWMPP) was conducted to assess the feasibility of increasing Wyoming water supplies through winter orographic cloud seeding.

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Results from Wyoming's cloud-seeding efforts expected next month #ColoradoRiver

From the Casper Journal (Greg Fladager):

Wyoming’s $13 million cloud seeding experiment may be about to pay off, or at least further knowledge in the science of rainmaking.

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Farm Field Aerosols and Cloud Seeding for Precipitation

ABC Rural had a recent story about planting more humas in the soil to increase cloud seeding to try to increase rainfall.  The conclusion of the story is correct, most of the organic spores will be blown downwind and not effect the local area they were produced in.  165 more words