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It's all Docker, containers and the cloud on the Structure Show

It’s safe to say that Docker has had a momentous year with the container-management startup gaining a lot of developer interest and scoring a lot of support from big tech companies like… 296 more words

Who are Play Joyce and Work Joyce? Oh, and cloud ROI…

Yesterday was our virtual cloud conference (recordings available) and it was very cool. I was pleased with the content and presentation of our 4 webinars, the excellent Q&A, and the “traffic” in our virtual booths. 237 more words

Starting Lineup for Today’s Kronos Virtual Cloud Conference!

I know all of you with fantasy cloud teams are all breathlessly awaiting the starting lineup for today’s 1:00 ET kickoff of our virtual cloud conference… 373 more words

Microsoft open sources cloud framework that powers Halo

Microsoft is continuing its open-source push, this time announcing that it will open source its Project Orleans cloud computing web framework. The framework has supposedly been “used extensively” in the Azure cloud and is best known for powering the first-person shooter video game Halo 4. 313 more words

Belly up to the HR Bar!

Isn’t “HR Bartender” a brilliant name for the website of an HR professional? I mean, we all have our “stuff,” and if you don’t have a therapist, a real bartender, and don’t air all your problems on Facebook, who can you turn to? 168 more words

Take the Einstein-Rosen bridge to the Kronos cloud!

Interstellar” left me wanting more. I was sucked in by the artistic gravity of “2001” comparisons, but Kubrick’s classic occupies a filmmaking dimension that Christopher Nolan’s film couldn’t punch through. 172 more words

Enterprise Cloud Service Huddle Raises A $51M Growth Round At $250M-$300M Valuation

More rising fortunes for enterprise startups focused on cloud services. Huddle, the enterprise cloud collaboration company that competes with the likes of Microsoft’s Office 365, is today announcing that it has raised another $51 million in funding — a Series D round that will be used to double down on growing its business in the U.S. 727 more words