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Property Management - A Link to where you are

As software consultants we seen and used, and even helped implement hundreds of solutions for companies. One that caught our eye a few years ago, and we’ve watched grow into a great solution is Buildium. 309 more words

Business Apps

The Cloud Advantage

A lot of companies right now are intrigued by the cloud model. Even as recent as five years ago, the “cloud” term was frowned upon in the business world because companies were understandably reluctant to give up the infastructure management that had been their backbone for so long. 181 more words


SAP Q1 Results Fall Short, but the Cloud Business Still Growing

German business software giant SAP reported quarterly results this morning that fell short of what analysts had expected, but co-CEO Bill McDermott blamed the miss on currency effects and insisted that the company’s relatively young cloud applications business is growing profitably. 386 more words


Maple-grade computing

A couple of years ago, Marc Andreessen famously said that software was eating the world. Despite this alarmist tone, I think he was understanding things. The future belongs to software, to automation, to data, to sensing—and ultimately, to the clouds on which such things run. 772 more words


Okta Names Salesforce Exec as New Chief Customer Officer

Okta, the startup that aims to help companies manage their many login credentials for all the cloud services they use, has hired its first chief customer officer. 318 more words


The cloud-fueled disruption of business analytics is coming

Try to name an industry that hasn’t been disrupted by cloud technology. Enterprises now rely on a new set of cloud-based software applications to run their businesses, whether it’s Box for enterprise collaboration, Workday for ERP software, Marketo for marketing automation or Zuora for subscription billing. 806 more words

Mayfiles and Dinosaurs - Metamorphosis and Epigenetics in Devops

Well, I guess it had to come to this.  Rob Hirschfeld brought up the wonderfully preposterous notion of puppies growing up to be dinosaurs.  And as a good scientist, and a profound thinker in DevOps, Rob’s statement is based upon his direct observation.  732 more words