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Finding The Best Cloud Storage

With the advancements of cloud storage and the thumb drive going the way of the Dodo. Many people like me are shifting more and more towards cloud storage. 640 more words


The Dawn Of Cloud 2.0 And Why Google Started A Price War

Editor’s note: Peter Relan is serial entrepreneur-turned-founder of two incubators: YouWeb (focused on gaming), and Studio 9+ (focused on big data, IoT, wearables, and P2P marketplaces). 836 more words


Microsoft OneDrive Cloud storage gets least trusted data storage provider remark

Microsoft, a Redmond based software and web services provider has got the least trusted data storage provider remark from a survey. The survey was carried out by Swiss Storage data provider named “Artmotion” and in that survey it was revealed that 32% of technology professionals believed that Microsoft was the brand they trusted the least in the field of cloud based data storage. 169 more words

Cloud Storage

Forget Dropbox: BitTorrent Sync Allows You To Skip the Cloud Entirely

As cloud service companies battle it out for supremacy, one file sharing service sets itself apart by skipping the cloud altogether. It’s called BitTorrent Sync… 681 more words

Cloud Storage Options

Cloud storage is a backup and storage service on the Internet.  ‘The Cloud”  maintains, manages, and backs up data remotely and makes it available to users over a network . 342 more words


Sharing Documents with Dropbox or Microsoft's OneDrive

I use both Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive). Both save documents in the cloud so that they are available anywhere with internet access. 307 more words


Cloud computing is becoming an important thing to deal with, in many organizations around the world. It provides many benefits like 1. cost, 2.Reliability and 3.Ease in retrieval of data. 217 more words