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Why is data not safe in the Cloud?

Cloud is now touted as the most flexible and reliable storage alternative for home and business users. So, it’s natural to assume that everything is safe, particularly because the transfer and backup process is transparent and automatic. 839 more words

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OneDrive Updated to 5.0

Microsoft’s OneDrive app has been updated. You can learn more about OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive, from Microsoft’s support page. Basically, the app allows you to access the cloud storage provided by Microsoft. 137 more words


It's Data Privacy Day--do you know where your info is?

Seems like everything has it’s own day anymore.  But this one really should be important to you, if for no other reason than you should value your privacy. 94 more words


Levitation program tracked file-sharing sites, Snowden doc shows

The Canadian spy agency CSE monitors activity across over 100 free file upload sites, a newly-revealed PowerPoint document from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s cache has shown. 252 more words

SenditCertified supports data privacy on Data Privacy Day on January 28---and every day.


To launch the eighth annual Data Privacy Day on January 28, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) urges businesses to create a culture of privacy by initiating more transparent data collection and usage practices and, where possible, offering easy-to-use controls for consumers to manage their information. 419 more words


How big of a Hard Drive do I Need?

This is a complicated question and dependent upon your usage and external storage capabilities.  Years ago, your average home computer users stored some software, documents, and a few pictures on their hard drives.  112 more words

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Perché l’internet security dovrebbe riguardare te e la tua azienda?

La mobilità e l’essere online costantemente sono fattori importanti nello stile di vita quotidiano. Le persone lavorano da luoghi differenti e utilizzano un’ampia gamma di dispositivi. 427 more words