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The Freedom of Dreams


I look up towards my dream
Feeling what I would feel
And from the cloud seeps through a beam
of which was once a seal…

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Information best kept clear from the cloud

In todays world, storing information in the cloud seems seems like the norm and sometimes people are not even aware they are doing so. For anyone who understands how cloud services work you will know that storing sensitive information within it can carry high risks, possibly threatening a lot of your personal information. 335 more words


Big Ass Cloud

That is the very large and very scary big cloud that is engulfing my balcony currently…. if you don’t hear from me I probably got electrocuted from sitting on the balcony during a thunderstorm. Cheers.


In Light of Celebrity Hacks, How to Protect Your Data

NEW YORK — The theft of nude photographs from celebrities’ online accounts has thrown a spotlight on the security of cloud computing, a system used by a growing number of Americans to store personal information over the Internet. 910 more words


A high-end headphone from Japan wows the Audiophiliac Steve...

A high-end headphone from Japan wows the Audiophiliac
Steve Guttenberg, cnet.com

Final Audio Design’s Pandora Hope VI is the rare full-size high-end headphone that really delivers the goods plugged into phones and portable music players!

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The Ever Changing Beauty of Clouds

I have a huge fascination, or you might call it obsession, with clouds.  I have taken more photos of clouds than just about anything else.  My… 357 more words