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2Pack DLink Wireless DayNight Cloud Network Camera w Remote

The real upside, he hopes, will be the ability to eventually speedthe process of removing users’ application access when they leavethe company, eliminating the three to four hours of work it nowrequires to prove employees have been properly deprovisioned from all of the company’s SaaS systems. 219 more words


Sensible Nixplay 15 inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Dropbox is the most widely used and simplest file-synchronization systemworldwide not attached to a major technology company. Every machineon which you install dropbox and use the same account has all thecontents synchronized among them by default. 302 more words


Oracle Continues March To Cloud Buying Data As A Service Broker Datalogix

Oracle added another piece to its growing cloud portfolio today, buying digital-marketing, Data as a Service broker Datalogix. The move not only gives Oracle another cloud tool, it’s one that’s aimed directly at marketers, an area where Oracle is fighting hard with rival Salesforce.com and others for dominance. 325 more words


red hat openshift cloud how it works & pricing links

red hat openshift cloud how it works

red hat openshift cloud pricing

but beware of upgrading from the ‘free plan’ to the ‘free bronze plan’ since only the monthy fee is ‘free’ you have to start paying $0.02/hour to $0.10/hour per gear


Secure Pi Project

Well its been about 1 year since I got a raspberry pi – the 35 dollar micro computer thats taken the world by storm – http://www.raspberrypi.org/. 136 more words


Fall 2014 Recap: It sure has been a long, hard climb

Wow. December 22nd and for the first time in what seems like forever I have time to sit down and write a blog post. At least I have time to start this blog post…let’s see if my kids let me get enough time to finish it :-) 434 more words