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Alex Gray - Slaber Nackle

A barrel after another, a barrel better than the previous one….. This is surfing, this is the best feeling in the world. Thanks Alex Gray for this amazing footage!

Enjoy the vid!


Thy Questions Shall Be Answered

So our last blog has resulted in a bunch of questions. In accordance with prophecy, some shall now be answered - 

 I saw your draft logo, is Cloudbreak an espresso bar? 501 more words

Let's Have a Chat...

I feel like we’re bonding. I can sense that we’re becoming closer and that you wish to know more about me and I about you in return. 324 more words

Searching for a Property...

This whole ‘changing your life thing’ sure is glamorous. On Sunday, we piled into the car with a sixteen month old baby and trekked around potential locations for Cloudbreak. 295 more words