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The significance of cloud computing, as explained by the great Stephen Fry (@stephenfry)

This is a really well done video on the importance of cloud computing. It’s 5 minutes long, and well worth it.

Obviously, I would argue that your best bet for Cloud Computing services is from the company I work for, but otherwise I highly recommend this.


Windows to end support for XP in April

For 12 years Microsoft has been supporting Windows XP and it’s almost time for the tech giant to move on to bigger and better things in the tech world. 158 more words


Wieso ich Cloudcomputing liebe

Kurz zum Cloudcomputing:
Es ist ein System bei dem man seine Dateien nicht intern in seinem Computer speichert, sondern extern in eine “Cloud” in einem Netzwerk ablegt. 220 more words


Public cloud services in MENA to grow 21.3% this year

Software as a service is expected to grow 29.1 per cent in 2014 to $126 million 

 The public cloud services market in the Middle East and North Africa is set to grow 21.3% in 2014 to total $620 million, a  261 more words

Week 4: 2nd What the paper say: Online Article (information security issues)

Protect your SME from ‘ransomware’ by looking to the cloud

SMB Technologist

RANSOMWARE is a term used to define a type of malware that attack to the computer and make a restriction to the user of the computer to access for data/information inside the computer. 300 more words


Why the internet of things is big data's latest killer app -- if you do it right

Every year, nearly 2 million people contract infections while staying at the hospital, and inadequate handwashing is a big cause. It turns out we might be able to help fix the handwashing problem with help from intelligent sensors, and a Huntsville, Ala.-based sensor-network company called… 762 more words

Big Data

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While healthcare is the primary example in this post, the concept and vision for what we can do with IoT data that we generate is where the opportunities are. As IT and Enterprise Architects, this is where we have the opportunity to shine and evolve by understanding the processes and building the architectures to support them. Creative problem solving through technology at its best. These are exciting times for those of us in healthcare technology architecture!