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SQL Hadoop Comparison

Not so long ago, Jeff Kelly wrote on wikibon about customers shifting workloads from “traditional” DW to Hadoop, the role that SQL on Hadoop has, and that “some SQL on Hadoop offering have more SQL functionality than others” 70 more words

Notes on Rebuilding Cloudera Impala RPMs

If you have tried to load impala from source then you probably ran into the wall most people do. Impala is quite difficult to compile… 565 more words


Big Data 1B dollars Club - Top 20 Players

Here is a list of top players in Big Data world having influence over billion dollars (or more) Big Data projects directly or indirectly (not in order): 55 more words

Big Data

Intel's contribution to solving Parkinson's: big data

Chip giant Intel has found a way to demonstrate the value of big data analytics in the big health care industry. It’s partnering with Michael J. 268 more words


Josh Wills on Machine Learning in a Business Setting

Academic machine learning is all about optimization. Machine learning in a business setting is all about understanding: “My focus is always on how do I understand what the system is doing, come up with new hypotheses about this very complex system, test them, and then use what I’ve learned from those tests to find new ways to improve the system.” 43 more words

Data Science

Moving Hadoop beyond MapReduce

Hadoop far more than the one-trick pony it was once characterized as, and with its new capabilities, businesses are using it to gain real insight and add real value.

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