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CloudFlare Will Offer A Local Version Of Its Web Security Service In China In 2015

CloudFlare is tackling a long-standing goal and bringing its internet security and performance service to Mainland China next year. The U.S. company will open 12 data centers on Chinese soil over the next six months in a move that gives overseas websites and services improved performance on the ground, not to mention will increase its business in China. 1,098 more words


DannyBrown.net updated

The website on both Desktop and Mobile platforms

Recently I’ve updated my website, dannybrown.net, to remove out-of-date information and make it easier for users to get to content they need. 301 more words


Migrating to the Ghost Blogging Platform

For those of you that follow the CloudFlare blog, you’ll know that we try to be prolific. We have industry leaders like Matthew Prince, John Graham-Cumming, Nick Sullivan, and others publishing pieces weekly from the front lines of internet performance and security. 51 more words


A Closer Look at CloudFlare and Incapsula: Next Generation CDN Services

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are online services that were traditionally used to help accelerate the distribution of web content and ensure business continuity. 1,669 more words

CloudFlare's Co-Founders Talk Co-Founders, Investors And Losing At TC Disrupt

During our Disrupt London event today, TechCrunch co-editor Matthew Panzarino sat down with CloudFlare co-founders Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn to talk about the company’s journey and challenges since it made its public debut as the runner-up in the Disrupt 2010 Startup Battlefield. 569 more words


New bug POODLE leaves some data insecure, but it's easier to fix than Heartbleed and Shellshock

Google researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the popular Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tool that could allow attackers to perform so-called “man-in-the-middle” attacks to access encrypted private information. 392 more words


Защита от DDos атак с помощью CloudFlare

Защита от DDos атак с помощью CloudFlare
В своей новой статье «Защита от ДДос атак с помощью CloudFlare» хотел рассказать как можно защитить свой шаред-хостинг или свой выделенный сервер, ВПС от DDos атак. Этот сервис я начал использовать, недавно, после того как начались атаки на мой с…