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Apache CloudStack,2歳を祝う!~Apache CloudStack Birthday Party in Japan開催 [ #cbajp ]

2014年11月6日,「Apache CloudStack Birthday Party in Japan」が開催されました。2012年11月6日はCloudStackがApacheプロジェクトに移管後,初めてのバージョンとなる“4.0-Incubating”がリリースされた日です。この日,Apache CloudStackは2歳の誕生日を迎えた,というわけです。



CloudMonkey 5.3 on OSX Mavericks or OSX Yosemite

CloudMonkey is an easy way to interact with the CloudStack API without the need to do any code writing. Think of it like a way to “query” the CloudStack infrastructure. 776 more words


Import hyper-v images into Cloudstack and Xenserver

Yesterday I had quite a trouble when trying to upload a datavolume in Cloudstack. Actually it was a fixed size VHD image, that I created with hyper-v. 427 more words


Cloudstack volume import disaster

Today I had a tough issue with Cloudstack 4.4, with Xenserver 6.2.
I prepared a new VHD for a VM, and uploaded to Cloudstack (Storage->Upload volume). 578 more words


DRBD + Heartbeat causing infinite reboot loops between master and slave nodes - Cloudstack setup

http://blog.cripperz.sg/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/drbd.png I am probably lucky to have come this issue at early stage of my setup. I faced an infinite reboot loops at interval between my two Cloudstack Manager node + DRBD + Heartbeat last 48 hours.  28 more words