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Today I have upgraded my Cloudstack from 4.2 to 4.4.
I was doing the upgrade according to the “Upgrade Instruction…” in the release notes.
All went fine, until this point: 112 more words


CloudStack success not tied to Citrix

Since the news of Citrix’s recent shake up around its CloudStack business, some have been inclined to predict a host of negative consequences for the Apache project moving into the future. 130 more words


Repeat after me: CloudStack does not equal Citrix

When news of a shakeup over at Citrix’s cloud organization broke last week, some said that, when it comes to open-source cloud technology, OpenStack has sucked the air out of the room, leaving CloudStack and its most prominent corporate backer (Citrix), at sea. 586 more words

In Citrix cloud shakeup, Sameer Dholakia and other CloudStack leaders exit

In what appears to be a major shakeup, several key Citrix cloud executives, including Group VP and General Manager Sameer Dholakia, have left the company and company veteran… 316 more words

OpenStack is getting a hug from VMware and Eucalyptus

What’s OpenStack position in the market?

OpenStack traditionally had competition from both well-established closed-source vendors and other open-source initiatives. Time has passed, and the cloud world has matured. 567 more words


Eucalyptus CEO, acknowledging some tough going, claims cloud turnaround

It’s not unusual for the CEO of a company to crow about its performance. It is sort of striking when, in the process of doing so, that CEO admits to big problems in the past. 615 more words

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Cloud détente? Eucalyptus, CloudStack backers to speak at OpenStack confab

The inaugural OpenStack Silicon Valley event next month will feature speakers from the OpenStack posse: HP(s hpq), Red Hat(s rhat), Cloudscaling, Mirantis — the usual suspects (although IBM(s ibm) is mysteriously missing.)  But it will also spotlight keynoters from Eucalyptus and Citrix(s ctrx). 316 more words