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Anita Fuentes Schools Americans on Alien Flood Warfare (Video)

Anita Fuentes

By: Arlen Williams - Gulag Bound – Cross-Posted at the NoisyRoom

I don’t presently know Anita Fuentes, but she is very impressive in this video. 82 more words

Knowledge Is Power

Ten Steps Needed to Address the Present Immigration Crisis

This may surprise people who have read my series on the present immigration crisis. However, the truth is that America does need immigration to maintain itself. 1,444 more words


The Cloward and Piven Strategy, Part 1

Lately, I have heard about the “Cloward and Piven Strategy.” I didn’t know what it was and made it a point to find out. I did some research on it and instantly realized the parallels that it has with current happenings in our government. 420 more words

July 03, 2013 – The Great Obama Holocaust…

This child died because of Obama’s politics.  This child died because of the communist Democrat organized massive importation of “children” into the United States.  Obama has blood on his hands now.  155 more words


The Marxist from Mumbai....

Would Donald Trump take financial advice from a crackhead? Would Ivana let one pick out her wardrobe? Of course not, but that’s what happened in Seattle. 872 more words

Best of the Web Today: Vergara, Cloward and Piven

Judicial activism bites the left.

Best of the Web Today: Vergara, Cloward and Piven