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Fire ant torture in Bolivia and other bizarre happenings

Sometimes when I’m looking up one particular topic on the internet, I’ll come across something completely unrelated but equally compelling.  More often than not, this will lead to following thread after thread and finding out just what bizarre place I’ll wind up in.   840 more words


World What Fun and Kiddie KidToonzTV

In this episode of KiddieKidToonzTV we learn about how to create and the Mean Mister Meanie. Who is a metaphor for people who are just mean for no reason but to be mean.



New painting titled Kamaji Clowncore. 40x104cm of good wood, lot of fun with acrylics and spray.

Watch and enjoy with:


Left Hook Lucy

A few weeks ago on 03/23/14 Melissa, Patch, and I found ourselves attending our friends’ Frank & Kandace’s first birthday celebration for their daughter Kourtney. Upon arrival I wasn’t surprised to see the attendance at this party included a large number of young children. 983 more words


Clowning About in a Photobooth

Here is a wonder of my world. A clown that loves a photobooth! I actually don’t like clowns very much. They are a bit scary, too noisy and not terribly funny. 153 more words