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Halloween... it gets weirder and weirder.

The other day I received the following voicemail from my pharmacy…

“Hello. Your whore medicine is ready. Please pick-up at your convenience.”

OK, I may be exaggerating.  359 more words


Movie Monsters

Watching a movie featuring a monster who looks like a cross between a lion, bear, porcupine and clown (and not in a scary way)! Not sure whether to be amused or annoyed. 16 more words

World's Worst Clown Accidentally Burns A Pigeon In A Room Full Of Children

Clowns are not funny, clowns are freaky. For hundreds of years, we’ve allowed clowns to terrorize us in the name of comedy. Today I’m putting my foot down, today I say, “NO MORE CLOWNS.” In this highly disturbing video, a clown screws up a magic act and lets a bird burn in front of children. 17 more words

Web Culture

What if a clown?

What if a clown does not smile?
What if he sits alone for a while?
What if he frowns and starts to cry?
What if he even stops to try? 112 more words