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im just going to keep drawing till i explode. Even if i am the only one who likes what i draw


Thing to do: Clown @Teatrolliure

Today we will bring you to the theatre, but not a traditional play, today we are for a clown play, Rhum.

A play where Monti & cia present a classic clown show. 142 more words


Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Highlights with Lumpz the Clown

Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2 + Lumpz the Clown = HILARITY! These are little nuggets plucked from my recent livestream! Be sure to tune into my… 14 more words


Where to go from here?
Leaving my Sri Lanka,
Who’ll even shed a tear?
Slow down, heart slow down,
Lie down near any door. 66 more words


Funny Freddy

Freddy walked into the bar with a smile and a briefcase.

The bartender nodded to him and offered a seat just at the end, which Freddy happily took. 2,414 more words

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