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The clown T-shirt

Do you remember me? I am a clown. Be funny. Customize your own funny T-shirt on www.laukexin.com

Poem: Clown

I am a clown playing a part.

I laugh for you but its on demand,

its not of me.

It comes from fear, sadness, longing, loneliness, 29 more words


Presente Extremo

From Colombia straight to Ecuador.

Victor and I went to Guayaquil where we created Presente Extremo, a clown duo presenting shows and working with people from different communities in the city and schools. 143 more words


Charlie Chaplin: Toes-Out Gait

“Once seen, he was unforgettable: Charlie the Tramp with his clipped moustache and soulful eyes set against a pallid face, his shabby but once-elegant clothes, … 194 more words

Treasure - Photography 101

The word treasure can mean so much to so many, I have a whole box of treasures, a box of memories. Ok! That’s a lie. I have a few boxes of memories because I can’t seem to keep it all contained in one. 237 more words