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If I Were A Clown By Floyd Shaffer

I recently finished reading a clown ministry book by Floyd Shaffer, titled If I Were a Clown.  Each chapter has a main thought that he expands on and illustrates, using a fair number of personal anecdotes.  193 more words


After trip to Peru, student starts Richmond clowning collective

Whether at the circus or a child’s birthday party, a clown’s act usually includes making balloon animals, pretending to hurt themselves or playing pranks on the audience to win laughs, but on VCU student sees clowning as more than being a human bag of tricks.



Wretched Richard's Almanac: Send In the Clowns

April 19, 1949

With the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over the world, cold war adversaries were nonetheless able to find glimmers of humor. At the opening night of the Moscow Circus, noted Russian clown, Konsantin Berman, demonstrated who had the upper hand in the clown cold war, launching barb after barb in the direction of the United States. 178 more words


Confessions of a joke-less clown

Hello few and devoted friends!

I apologize for the delay but being a Christian married to a Jew causes quite a few issues when it comes to scheduling this time of year.   769 more words


Stop Dissing Clowns!

I don’t understand why clowns get a bad rap? How can you be scared of a clown? Take my buddy in this photo for example…she was making balloon animals as I walked out of breakfast recently in Guatemala. 27 more words

"Tell me a Story" with Mark and Mike Jones

Me and Mark like to play a game. We send each other strange and often unnerving pictures, and then demand to be told stories about those pictures, without giving any context for where, when, or how the photo was taken. 314 more words