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my permanent thinking cap

i can, without a doubt, say that my mind has never once stopped thinking. which is why, when i ask what people what are thinking about and they say “nothing”, i assume they are lying. 617 more words


Class Review: Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory.  You may have heard about it on the Today Show or read about it in Forbes, but have you ever been to one of the studios? 597 more words


Wheel of Baku

Since it’s opening, Baku has been this untouchable desire in my fantasy world of frequenting nice restaurants. For starters, it doesn’t put prices on the website menu. 587 more words


Chapter 3 Update 5 - Fifty shades of normality

Found this great wordpress called stats with cats which cleared up understanding transformations for indep and dep variables a whole lot.

So, I did the box-cox transformation on my dependent variable and re-ran the analysis. 361 more words


Pisces (and I'm not talking about your horoscope)

Although we’re at least 3 hours from the closest shoreline, Charlotte has some pretty delicious sushi. I’ve already told you about Nikko and Ru Sans… 241 more words


US Airways to operate a special farewell "flight 767" from Philadelphia to Charlotte and return on February 12 as the last Boeing 767 flight

US Airways (Phoenix) as we previously reported, will operate the last regularly scheduled Boeing 767-200 ER revenue flight on February 11.

However the carrier (like it did with the last Boeing 737-400 flight) is now scheduling a special “farewell flight”. 113 more words


Cat Scratch Fever

i woke up with a fever. the weird part was that i didn’t feel sick. at first i thought i was just convincing myself i didn’t feel bad because it’s a friday–and i would never allow myself to be sick on a friday. 398 more words