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Charlotte Hornets Mailbag: Starting 5 Projections & 2014-15 Schedule Release

It’s back again! Time for another edition of the Charlotte Hornets mailbag. Feel free to submit your questions throughout the week via Twitter. So, let’s fire it up: 374 more words


Dexter Solves a Mystery

In the latest episode of “Days of Our Lives: California” Dexter solves the case of the missing mommy!

After days of no rest Dexter continued his search Thursday morning for his missing mommy (little did he know she was waking up from a 12hr “nap” in Houston and dashing around in hopes of not missing her flight). 371 more words

So, if you’re anything like me as soon as you finish a series on Netflix you think, hmmmm now what do I do without with my life? 247 more words

Macy Rae

5 Weeks Post-Op : Travels, new exercises, and new sensations

Just a quick recap from last time: Went to the doctors at 1 month, got x-rays that looked good and stood on my foot for it. 929 more words


my second group run this week/ever!

I worked yesterday, and was pretty worn out when I finally got home so it was a rest day for me. The day got A LOT busier as it went on and we ended up being super busy until shift change, so the shift… 259 more words

QC Indie Acoustic Sessions with Chris Henke - August 10th

Singer/songwriter Chris Henke will join QC Independent for Volume 2 of QC Indie Acoustic Sessions on Sunday, August 10th at 5p.

Originally from Cleveland, OH, and having toured with several bands in his time there, Chris moved to Concord in 2006 to take a more traditional job, but has since kept his guitar and songwriting skills sharp. 82 more words

Ultimate Teriyaki Chicken & Asian Sweet Potato Salad

This summer I’ve had more spare time than usual so I’ve been trying to do more cooking than I usually would. I mean I grill a lot but, I’ve been grilling since I can remember so I don’t really learn too many new techniques in the actual kitchen. 356 more words