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Rockhopper Returning To Club Penguin!

The Migrator can be seen through the microscope at the Beacon!

Rockhopper is set to arrive at Club Penguin on the 10th of April.

~Cid Boy 4732

Pinata Pin Location!

The pin is located in the Coffee (tea) shop!

~Cid Boy 4732

Free Constantine Background!

Go to the Museum in the Town (Britain) and press all the items inside.

Do that and you will receive a free Constantine background!

~Cid Boy 4732

Muppet's World Tour Party Cheats!

The Muppet’s World Tour is here!

When you log in Kermit will greet you with a passport.

Inside there will be Muppet’s you will be able to visit as the days go by. 44 more words

Puffle Park Sneak Peek!

Post by Polo Field:

I promised a bunch of you a sneak peek today, so… Let’s get this sneak peek party started!

As many of you have heard, the Puffle Party is coming to Club Penguin in April! 52 more words

The Fair Walk Through 2014!

The Fair has arrived to Club Penguin!

This message will appear when you first log in, click ‘OK’ to receive the fair ticket.

To earn tickets, play fair games located in all of the rooms around the park or go over to the daily spin where you are able to win tickets, pins and coins! 49 more words

Free The Penguin Band Background!

In the Park The Penguin Band will pop up from the Puffle in the middle, click them to receive a free background.

~Cid Boy 4732