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The common denominator

What do you expect when you walk into a French restaurant? You want to taste France. It should smell like France too (well, maybe not). So it is with cars; they have to reflect the values, experience, taste and flavour (not the same thing) of the country of their origin. 595 more words

Lead me not into temptation....

Those of you who’ve taken the time to look at my Wishlist will already know this, but I have a long list of mainly British bikes that will hopefully make their way into my stable at some point. 718 more words


The MINI we need

Given the price of motoring, particularly here in the UK, the small car market is huge and has been for a while. BMW decided to capitalise on this by buying Rover and stealing the MINI brand before leaving the rest of the company to die a slow and painful death. 778 more words


16th March Autosolo Results

Results from the second BLMCC Autosolo of the Year

After the success of the club’s previous event, at Manchester, the club moved to Preston, with the second BLMCC Autosolo of 2014 taking place at Makro, Preston on Sunday 16th March.

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Planet Pintail - the start of something good?

As is my pretty dangerous habit, I often browse eBay in the search of anything old, interesting or cheap within driving distance. This has lead to far too many impulse buys, the worst of which ended up with me being driven by a burly and aggressive Brummie in a van to only God knows where (a story for another post….). 418 more words


Mini Clubman Concept

Mini announces next generation Clubman in Geneva, via a very close concept model series…

With the advent of third-generation Mini 3 doors, one could doubt that the many versions of the previous version would gradually disappear from the catalog to make way for their successors . 216 more words