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 Hello Light Troops!

I am glad to announce the Walrus party has arrived into club penguin Here are some of the rooms!

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Light Troop

Will MMO's undergo change in 2015?

For a while I’ve seen Rocketsnail mention “2015” once or twice, saying it would be the perfect year for a new MMO. A new “Game changing” MMO. 778 more words


Hangout with Arwin

Hi everyone its your friend ben 5824 here and today I actually had nothing to do. Then I noticed the my friend   is online on hangouts, there we decided to meet on Club Penguin since he was already playing on server ice berg I too logged in there. 122 more words

Club Penguin

Club Penguin : MWP Code 2014!

In the celebration of the MWP, there was a new code released today!

The code is : YOURGIFT

I E-mailed Club Penguin some of my drawings and they gave me the code : YOURGIFT and I told it to all of you! :)

Waddle on! ~Scholarcp


Club Penguin Help

Attention moderators & owners

*Only ban someone if they have broken a rule.

The rules to enforce are: No Advertising, no inappropriate language.

Stop banning people just cause they’re in a different army.They might want to join. 12 more words

Light Troop

Welcome to the Light Troops ClubPenguin Army!

Welcome to the Light Troops, if you have just signed up we will get you onto the ranks page within 48 hours. You immediately become a Light Troop once you put on our uniform… 64 more words

Light Troop

Did you show up to take ACP's Capital: Breeze ?

If you showed up for the Invasion of Breeze leave a comment on this post so I know to rank you up. If you happen to lie about being there you will never rank up.

Light Troop