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Champagne Showers Pissing on My Parade : I Don't Want to Party with P Diddy

The Mayfair Company have been bugging me for a while. For those who don’t know who they are,  Mayfair Company, ‘London’s event hosts’,  throw (in their words) the ‘greatest parties, at the most exclusive venues, for the most glamorous people’. 990 more words


America's Fear of Intellectualism

To all my extroverted jackasses out there, I’m tired of your weak, thoughtless fear against engaging intellectuals. This idea that we’re boring because we’re not repeating the same boring ass story to every person we meet, for the last ten years, is what holds our country back. 1,061 more words


In Your Club

in dark rooms,

with heavy bass,

and fruity drinks,

watery beer,

polo shirts stink of sweat,

hair gel runs down the neck,

high heeled shoes are broken… 171 more words

Getting Involved at School

So like a lot of first year students I was completely and utterly distracted by the social life at school to really get involved first semester. 641 more words


Caffeine Crew Reads

Come join my bookclub!

The website I write for, Caffeinecrew.com will be hosting a book club starting in August. We’ll tackle one book a month, discuss it in the Goodreads club and then I’ll post my review on Caffeine Crew. 6 more words


Daily Draw 07-28-2014

Daily Draw 07-28-2014

Tarot: 3 of Scepters * (3 of Wands)

Reversed, instead of seeking out new opportunities and/or following up on something that presents itself today, I might choose to remain still, inactive. 300 more words


Clubs are Important!!

Clubs are an important part of the hobby, I’m currently a member of both the Model A Ford Club of Great Britain  (MAFCGB ) and the… 7 more words