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My one & only regret from travelling South America is not writing a blog. I’d like to come up with a genius reason why I didn’t write one, but I shouldn’t lie, it was down to pure laziness. 67 more words


Hey Girl Hey

At this point in my Fulbright, I’ve come far enough in my language learning to survive on a daily basis. Gone are the days lived in abject fear of humans who might speak to me with a demand. 684 more words


Mystery & Mysticism

 We’re missing something in Western culture. We’ve lost a sense of awe of amazement, of wonderand reverence. We’ve settled for scientific discovery as a finding in the natural world, be they earth-bound or galactic.  466 more words


@$#%& fu*k my life!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… and to be honest it’s because nothing exciting has happened. Nothing that’s worth sharing at least. I’m sure the world doesn’t care that I finally receive my Amazon package after six long weeks of waiting then being stuck in customs or how excited I am to experiment with matcha green tea powder or how I’m finally mustering up the courage to learn to swim again or how I scored reservations to the top Michelin starred restaurant for my upcoming trip to Singapore…  you catch my drift.  221 more words


If I had known, going into college, that I was going to be a comedian, I would have studied Philosophy, English, and History.

Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy)