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Writing Wednesday - A Little Mystery

Last Week’s WW: Telling it Straight, or Maybe Not

What?  You mean to tell me that the butler did it?  But, how?  I mean, the communist was standing right there, holding the laser gun, and he had every reason to do it, after all, the dead guy stole his dog! 215 more words


Tales from the London Underground #97

There’s many species of commuter that are on the brink of extinction.

The commuter who buys a newspaper for instance, with the exception of speculative gamblers who buy the FT. 281 more words


Why Read When You Know the End?

Whether you’re reading Mystery, Romance, Thriller, or Adventure, the ending is almost always predictable. We hope the bad guy will be caught, the couple that’s at odds with each other will come together, the deadly virus won’t kill everyone on Earth, and the hero will complete his quest. 358 more words

Treasure Hunt

We had treasure hunt today. :) July 21, 2014

So, in HEKASI (Geography and History class), we played treasure hunt! We were grouped last week, into 4 groups. 658 more words

The Unicorns to reunite for the last day of POP Montreal

It just wouldn’t have made sense to avoid a hometown show. The Unicorns, Montreal indie royalty disbanded for a decade, are playing Metropolis on September 21, the last day of POP Montreal. 123 more words


Best crossword clues 2011

There is an amazing list of clever clues at crosswordese website.

Take a look at the list of selected ones for the year 2011:

  • November 2011 Clue: “Thank God, it’s Friday” declarer?
  • 75 more words