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Breaking Plates

Why is it that we go through phases of clumsiness?  I’ve always thought it most bizarre that you can spend days, weeks, even months not breaking a single thing and then when one goes there is a whole spate of them. 176 more words

What A Trooper

Hello there!

Oh, wait…you don’t remember me?

I’m TheShikster…you know, the one who hasn’t posted in TWELVE DAYS?

Yeah, I’m sorry. The school I go to is nationally known for it’s excessive workload. 474 more words

Random Shiz

No these are not sunglasses - life with Irlen Syndrome

For the longest time I would see halos around people who were in bright light when I was in darkness. I would struggle with my peripheral vision and even on cloudy days the light outside was just too bright. 710 more words



My poor little boy had milk spilled all down his front this morning because I was too tired to manage to put the top on his bottle correctly…

New Mother

A few kick ass Ales

Smuttynose are new to me but it’s been a whirlwind love affair. Their Shoals Pale Ale is the most recent one to sweep me off my feet. 149 more words

The return of the Klutz

I have always been a little bit of clumsy. But now that I’m recovering and having more energy, I realise that my clumsiness is evolving or something o.o But yeah actually that seems quite normal. 370 more words

My Story

O is for Oh My Gosh!

OMG! Everyone is SO obsessed with the acronym! Lyk, lol, did u c dat pic of Hazz Stylz 2day? I was literally rofl, yn? Lyk, omg. 801 more words