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Ketchup Blog Hop #40

It’s the 15th, actually it’s not, technically it’s the 17th, but close enough…it’s Blog Hop time with our lovely hostesses with the mostesses over at… 456 more words


As previous posts have already established, I am no ballerina. However, my situation tends to exacerbate my clumsiness by exponential proportions. All the literature reports that this is a normal phenomenon – which, oddly enough, serves as a comfort. 252 more words

Pregnancy Humor

Fall from Grace

I fall. When I least expect it. You could probably make a movie about that little aspect of my life.

It’s not that I am uncoordinated, no, this is not true. 912 more words

Stories of the Sick American

I’m sick. Well, I’ve been under the weather for quite some time, most of the last week actually. Usually,I try to stick it out during a cold or whatever minor sickness I have. 381 more words


The Car Door Incident

I am extremely clumsy. I know, cliche for a socially awkward moose, but it’s true. My legs are constantly covered in bruises to the point where sometimes I wonder if perhaps one of my ancestors had an affair with a banana and I inherited its bruise-y skin. 272 more words

the misunderstood goddess...

There was once a misunderstood goddess.

I will take a moment to let that stick in, I know down there you aren’t used to admitting that godessess walk among you. 427 more words