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A few kick ass Ales

Smuttynose are new to me but it’s been a whirlwind love affair. Their Shoals Pale Ale is the most recent one to sweep me off my feet. 149 more words

The return of the Klutz

I have always been a little bit of clumsy. But now that I’m recovering and having more energy, I realise that my clumsiness is evolving or something o.o But yeah actually that seems quite normal. 370 more words

My Story

O is for Oh My Gosh!

OMG! Everyone is SO obsessed with the acronym! Lyk, lol, did u c dat pic of Hazz Stylz 2day? I was literally rofl, yn? Lyk, omg. 801 more words

Sometimes I'm pretty clumsy...

Scratch that, more like ALL the time! 

The other day I came home from doing some errands in town and drove up to my mailbox to get the mail before I turned into the driveway. 338 more words


A Story That Proves I Should Be Covered in Bubble Wrap

I read a joke once about a writer who had food poisoning or some such, and as he was shoulder deep in the toilet, told himself: “I can use this experience when the character in my WIP pukes!” 730 more words


Fellowship / Faults


Aren’t you glad to be part of a church fellowship? I hope you are. There may come a time when you need the help of a brother and sister in Christ. 303 more words

Galatians 6

Videos and Grace

I have been on a mad gracefulness roll lately let me tell you. If there was a falling over things, dropping things and just generally whomping about like the 3 Stooges less physically adroit sister Olympics (which, now that I think of it, there should be) I would be a gold medalist this week. 886 more words