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Is 'knee-jerk' a diagnosis or a job title?

So my torn meniscus and I took a trip to the mall a few days ago. I got my toes and even my fingernails done (OPI Big Apple Red…thank you very much), drank a fancy coffee and then an even fancier Jamba juice (add antioxidants, please), and bought some cool stuff at Sephora (the girl’s version of Home Depot). 580 more words


Enemy No. 1

Allow me to introduce you to this klutz’s Enemy No. 1 – the bedpost.

Every day I wake up and walk into that corner, scratching or bruising my leg in a new location. 121 more words

Through the Keyhole

I’m sure there are certain places I should be banned from. For the sake of my thighs McDonalds et al should be on the list. Nativity plays, because I… 662 more words

Coming Unstuck


Well ain’t karma a b*tch. Right after my last post I went for a run and in typical Zoe fashion tripped over a rock in broad daylight, falling flat on my face and severely injuring my right ankle. 382 more words


There seems to be a pattern...

Iggy Azalea may be so fancy, but as far as being so clumsy is concerned, I have the corner on the market. You think I’m kidding? 339 more words

Guest Post/Giveaway - A.R. Rivera author of BETWEEN OCTOBERS out NOW!

I’m excited to invite A.R. Rivera, author of Between Octobers, to my blog today discussing “The Art of Falling” – I think I have found my soul sister of klutziness :) Without further ado: 853 more words


I’m missing him — his
innocence and clumsiness
— his rhythm of thought

In my dream I was attempting to fulfil the role of drummer in a band, and admitting: ‘This is the first time I’ve ever done this’. 62 more words