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Visual Activities for the older infant to three year old

Start to notice how your child uses their vision, are they distracted by everything they see in a new space, are they wary of new spaces, do they look away from a toy while reaching for it,  do they fall over toys left on the floor, or are they able to focus on what is in front of them?   589 more words

Motor Development

Ice, Ice Baby

One of the most challenging aspects of adapting to life with my new physical limitations has been learning to deal with fear.  Of course, I’ve got the kinds of fear that are to be expected after the type of accident I went through; nobody can blame me for freaking out during thunderstorms or losing control in confined spaces.  1,036 more words



Vision is an area pediatric physical therapists all work with to some extent. Some areas we think about are:
1. gaze stability, or the ability for a child to hold their eyes steady as they turn their head or as their body moves through space. 342 more words

Motor Development

Karma? Or just Clumsy

So I was having mac and cheese for lunch. The bowl was hot, and I was told to eat out side. As I was walking out the back door I sat the bowl down so I didn’t spill my food. 402 more words

I could write a comedy about my life! :D

(Well, my brother can!)

You should ask my family about all the stories they have about me. I’m clueless about most things that aren’t related to: 463 more words

Stuff People Say - Clumsiness

Angela — What’s green and white and purple and blue?

Minecraft — What?

Angela — Minecraft falling down the stairs.

Minecraft — The really does happen.



I'm a Moron & Questions About BotFA

Yesterday, I was invited to go see a late-ish showing of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with some of my high school friends. 1,345 more words