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I'm a Moron & Questions About BotFA

Yesterday, I was invited to go see a late-ish showing of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with some of my high school friends. 1,345 more words


Potentially Hazardous

If I were a package, the post office would refuse to mail me. I should be encased head to toe in bubble wrap and surrounded by bright yellow caution tape. 235 more words


One of Those Days

Sometimes I will use this blog to exude sunshine and rainbows (like yesterdays post) and other times I will write about my troubles or a no good, very bad day. 289 more words


Why can't I be a bitch?

I have been studying so much lately and getting so little sleep that I’ve been suffering from extreme clumsiness due to a frazzled brain.

Today I got involved in a (friendly) tweet war with someone – an absolute waste of time because it turned out our entire discussion was based on the fact I had produced a typo. 520 more words

Spaghetti Sauce: The Spawn of Satan

You know how we all have that one little thing about ourselves that causes us to occasionally, for lack of a better word, royally screw up, leaving us with a story that we don’t really like to tell because it’s sort of embarrassing but also kind of funny but yet at the same time not really funny at all? 743 more words

Original Writing


One of the joys of being a dragon is our longevity. It is not too unusual for us to live for a thousand years. This means that we try to give things time. 465 more words