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1212 "Stop Explosive Investments" Global Day of Action

Press Conference Media Release (12/12/2013)
“Stop Explosive Investments” Global Day of Action

Three Taiwanese Banks Asked to Stop Investments in Cluster Munitions Producer

December 12 is the “Stop Explosive Investments” Global Day of Action. 341 more words


New York Times Creates, then Inflates Israeli Crimes

On August 28, the New York Times published an article called: “Heavy Use of Banned Cluster Bombs Reported in Syria”, which – one would imagine – was about Syria’s use of cluster bombs. 989 more words


Central America Now a Zone Free of Cluster Munitions

Strong Condemnations of Ongoing Cluster Munition Use in Syria and Ukraine

(San Jose, Costa Rica) September 5, 2014 — Central America this week became the first region to become free of cluster munitions with Belize’s accession to the international treaty banning cluster munitions, said the Cluster Munition Coalition at the close of the treaty’s meeting. 945 more words


Documentary film: US Cluster Bomb Legacy Costing Lives In Laos

The Legacy: The Vietnam’s dark legacy is still costing lives in Laos. Meet the brave women trying to clear the bomb fields.

A thoughtfully made documentary by ABC Australia.


'The gift that keeps on giving' by Jeff Lassahn


A short, thought-provoking animation about the effects of cluster bombs. This film is part of a larger project called the Cluster Project, an online gallery of art works and space for dialogue on the ethics of warfare.



If you See a Bombie, do not Touch it!

Lao women have forged a close friendship performing a dangerous task to free their country of lethal vestiges of war.

Here’s a poem I wrote after watching Foreign Correspondent on 15 July 2014. 316 more words

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