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Motherhood Day 20- Cluster Feeding: Welcome to My World

No one told me about this! And even if they had I probably would have no idea the mental anguish it would cause me. It’s just one of those lovely things you must experience to understand. 647 more words

The Myth Of Insufficient Milk

The epidemic of mothers suffering from insufficient milk is strangely one which is concentrated only in the Western world among comparatively well nourished women with access to good quality foods and supplements. 1,526 more words


Cluster feeding...the things no one ever told you before you had your baby!

Throughout your life you constantly hear the words, “Just to let you know, having a baby is so much harder than you can ever imagine.”  You hear things like, “You only get to sleep for two hours here and there.”  But what I was not aware of in the early days is that babies do not know the difference between day and night and that they cluster feed.   394 more words