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Sleep (for the love of god, sleep)- Part 1

Yes, random person on the street, I do indeed have a baby. Yes, he does look very comfy snuggled up against me in his soft baby carrier (and because I’m a determined.to-get-every-single-aspect-of-this-parenting-lark-nailed-even-if-it-kills-me type of mother he is of course in an nice ergonomically-designed, organic cotton carrier not one of those awful ones that the majority of people use with the baby facing out, good lord, don’t you know that those things will cause devastating hip damage as soon as your child’s crotch gets up close to that nasty bit of synthetic fibre). 704 more words

Help! My baby has gone back to nursing every 2 hours!

Please share this not only with nursing mothers, but with those surrounding her too.
Mothers need nurturing too, especially during these times and sadly it’s these times that mothers tend to swap to bottle feeding, only to regret it a few weeks down the line.