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Homeroom Brings Private Photo Sharing To The Classroom

The makers of the private photo-sharing app Cluster have been experimenting with spinning off the service’s technology into different verticals in recent days, including apps… 633 more words


Grid, Cloud, HPC … What’s the Diff?

It’s always nice when another piece of the puzzle comes into focus.  In this case, my time speaking at the first ever International Super Computer (ISC) Cloud Conference the week before last was well spent. 6 more words


More evidence of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine comes to light & only confirms what we have been saying about the situation there from the begining.....

Videos which have been pointed out to show evidence of  foreign mercenaries in Ukraine is nothing new we said this back during Maidan when things were only really starting to kick off in Ukraine, 21 people died as snipers shot both the protestors and police to incite even more violence . 513 more words


Configuring Apache web server with Weblogic and accessing multiple Application with different context root

Apache is generally recognized as the world’s most popular Web server (HTTP server). Originally designed for Unix environments, the Apache Web server has been ported to Windows and other network operating systems. 646 more words

Advanced Weblogic

Change IP of vCSA

While changing the IP address of my vCenter Server is not something I’ve ever had to do before that changed this week. In my quest to separate networks into more logical groupings instead of everything living on the same subnet I had to change the IP address of my vCenter Server Appliance to place it on a new network along with the hosts it was managing. 266 more words