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Moving to a larger cluster

I’ve been building a larger version of my Banana Pi cluster. It was originally built with just four nodes, but I’ve extended it to 8. There are… 195 more words

Surprising Theorists, Stars Within Middle-Aged Clusters Are Of Similar Age

A close look at the night sky reveals that stars don’t like to be alone; instead, they congregate in clusters, in some cases containing as many as several million stars. 119 more words


Unable to replicate between Windows Server 2008 R2

the other day I needed to update a user’s password from a different child domain in my organization and noticed that changes were not replicated across the domain controllers. 120 more words

The Whale Galaxy

NGC 4631 is a big beautiful spiral galaxy. Seen edge-on, it lies only 25 million light-years away in the well-trained northern constellation Canes Venatici… 152 more words


Crushed Spirit

Spirit, you are the
absolute worst airline on
which I’ve ever flown.

Most flights aren’t much fun
but you take my misery
to a new level. 315 more words