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365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE - DAY 79: Clutter?

I will share a secret with you: whenever I need to feel instantly better during a stressful time when I do not yet know what the answer to my problem will be, I choose a drawer, a closet or a room to de-clutter and clean. 405 more words


It feels fucken good when I write!

Lately, I’ve been reading about “fear of writing.”  This roadent has followed me around in my head since I started middle school. Every time got a paper back with a C and lower. 313 more words

Fear Of Writing

Tell me why Tuesday: interview with Leo Babauta, Zen Habits blogger

Leo Babauta is the force behind Zen Habits, a Top 25 blog with a million readers, where he chronicles and shares what he’s learned while changing a number of habits, including quitting smoking, taking up running, eliminating his debt and becoming organized.  850 more words

Tell Me Why Tuesday

Modern Day Saucha: Insta Cleanse

“Through simplicity and continual refinement (Saucha), the body, thoughts, and emotions become clear reflections of the Self within. Saucha reveals our joyful nature, and the yearning for knowing the Self blossoms.”  ~ Yoga Sutras 2.40-2.41…

385 more words
Life & Marriage

A Book, a Potentiality

“A book which is left on a shelf is a dead thing but it is also a chrysalis, an inanimate object packed with the potential to burst into new life.” 405 more words

Books And The Literary Life

Book Review: "Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter" by Kathryn Porter

I haven’t been reading too much since I started teaching. Sometimes I find my lack of reading time ironic- but let’s not dwell too long on that thought ;). 505 more words


October Round Up

On September 30th I posted my bedroom checklist, goals I had of creating a bedroom that was clutter free and welcoming. October seems to have been a good month for me. 338 more words