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Penniless, Vol. 3: Seasonal Decor

I have a very large, long wall stretching the length of my kitchen and dining area. When we first moved in, said wall was being (in my opinion) degraded by a piece of banal hotel-lobby-type art and by a fairly obnoxious red color I knew would have to go. 503 more words


Office Supply Drawer

I recently got permission to share my projects at work with everyone here. The work place is a hard place to keep organized. Especially when you work with several people in the same space and we all have different organizing personalities…or lack of.. 635 more words


Show Me The Money!

A day off.

My April 16th day off is finally here!!!

What am I going to do with my day?

Go into work. hahaha

There are just too many loose ends for my OCD brain to tie up all nice and pretty, before she will get on board with taking a day off. 366 more words


Less is More - Minimalist lifestyle

Trying hard to adapt to the minimalist life style ever since I made my last post. The suggestions that I got from my previous post were helpful.. 209 more words


Going through few interesting challenges & hurdles

Going through few interesting challenges & hurdles at Cogzidel. Keeping my head & thoughts steady is key at the moment.

Hence, started practicing to keep level headed & balanced mind to ensure that mind is clutter free when taking major decisions ☺️


be HAPPIER in your HOME

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and normally I would running around crazy getting errands in or just spending time with my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be doing those things, or maybe I’ll do one or two later on, but for now, I’m enjoying me time. 264 more words

Just A Little Thought...

De-cluttering things from life – heading towards embracing minimalist lifestyle

Not sure where to start, I have been clinging to too many things and I am trying so hard to be a minimalist. Trust me, it is not as easy it sounds. 442 more words