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Creating Sacred Space By Tara

Having a highly tuned nervous system means that I am often overwhelmed and I crave extra, quiet, peaceful space and time to return myself to neutral. 1,068 more words

Home Inspiration

A little home inspiration to start the week off right! Today I want to show off some crisp, clean, and clutter free bedrooms. Starting off your morning in a bright clean room can really make a difference on your mood, especially if you aren’t a morning person! 71 more words

Home For Sale

Ten Things I Learned from Cleaning and Purging

I have been cleaning and purging and giving away many of my accumulated belongings for about two months now. While I regularly purge and toss away many of my papers, clothes, and various knick-knacks, this most recent purge coupled with my… 1,622 more words

Sound Spirit

Decluttering Personal Care Products

When I moved, I brought a bunch of personal care products with me that I either had not used or assumed I might use them some day. 236 more words


Clearing clutter and getting organized: Kitchen

Clearing clutter and getting organized.

My kitchen is one of the hardest places in my home to keep clutter-free. The counter-tops serve as a catchall for mail, my son’s toys, charging station for cell phones, iPad, drying station for dishes we don’t put in the dishwasher, etc. 220 more words

De-cluttering your home for better financial clarity

It has been fairly hot in Vancouver recently. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t enjoy the heat very much. I have been staying home and trying to keep cool. 470 more words


Engaging Children In Decluttering

Very often it’s so much easier to put things off until you have the ‘time’ to do them.

Problem is, does that time ever appear? 291 more words