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Minimalism and My Parents

I am currently living with my parents; my job is in the same town where they live. I have lived here for just over two years. 456 more words

So, You Want To Be A Minimalist?

So you’ve noticed this word popping up a lot lately.


You’ve googled it, read some articles on it, drooled over images on pinterest and decided that it’s for you. 568 more words


Front door - Feng Shui

In feng shui the three most important areas are the  front door, the master bed and the kitchen stove. By improving these three things you can help bring good energy (chi) into your home. 644 more words


New Beginning!

Happy Easter Everybody! Don’t celebrate Easter? That’s okay too! Happy Long Weekend!

I am writing on behalf of myself and my ego. It apparently does have something important to say, and I would really appreciate it if you could spare a moment from your lives to listen! 108 more words

1500 unread emails

I looked down at my iphone a couple of days ago and saw this. Used to be that the phone would only show you that little red icon of what was unread in just one page or something like that. 171 more words


20Apr14 - Unexpected outage but never fear winter is purged and spring has arrived!

Hi Everyone,

When I posted last I had full intention of keeping the daily posts going but a rampant stomach flu had different thoughts on purging! 306 more words