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Something is Amish around here

As I pondered my house this past weekend, as I wrestled with the age-old question: “Where the hell did all this crap come from?”,  it became apparent to me that I  need to become Amish and fast. 459 more words


Day 113: Moderate

We only have about two months before we leave this house and move up to North Carolina. The house that we will be moving into for the next year is fully furnished, with little room for extra stuff. 387 more words

Golf anyone?

I took the day off  just to have some “fun in the sun.” Bill was finished with the drywall machine so we returned it to our friend. 372 more words


A little too short but clear, well-written, well-organized, and well-researched is better than long enough but full of extra words that don’t actually say anything.

Advice And Tips

Too much stuff

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve known I was a collector. I collected books I loved to read. I collected rocks I was sure were precious gems – rubies, diamonds, sapphires – in disguise. 1,183 more words

Day 3: Delores -- VHS Tapes

We haven’t had a VHS player for several years. Who has video players anymore? These are going out.


Day 2: Susan -- Cheap Chair

I think I got this chair for $10. It was cute for awhile, but quickly became unuseable as the grommets pulled loose and the seams tore. 23 more words