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Day 48 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  Look at the clutter in your life. Do you see layers of undone dreams or layers of outgrown ideas of what your life once was or what you thought it would be? 62 more words

Living Below Means

Kitchenette, Laundry or Studio?

This room started out as the main kitchen almost forty years ago, than the washer and dryer were added. It even served as a nursery at one time, now it gets little kitchen action but lots of laundry and craft action. 405 more words


No Small Task

We knew, coming out to Oregon this year, we would be emptying out our storage unit in Scappoose, bringing all the stuff to Mom’s, sorting it, re-boxing it all into plastic tubs instead of old boxes, and then finding a much smaller storage unit here in town, closer to Mom, to put the remaining stuff in. 338 more words


clutter and depression-part two

You may wonder what your physical surroundings have to do with your depression.  I wasn’t aware of the connection either until I began some research years ago. 585 more words



I love productive days. I’ve had this box of loose “stuff” that I started gathering when we moved my mom out of my childhood home. Needless to say, those were busy years for me…teenagers in the house, grandchildren being born in MI, Mama needing lots of time, husband trying to start a business, so I added more “stuff” to that box. 649 more words

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