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Why make a claim for PPI and then give up to 40% away?

Everyone is probably fed up of hearing and seeing adverts, screaming for people to call any number of claims management companies (CMC) so they can contact a lender you may have or may not have taken PPI out with. 458 more words


Ideas (23rd October)

My current idea is to go to my parents’ home to record the soundscape. I like the idea of making a soundscape which explores the relationship between the natural sounds of the world and the man-made ones (not unlike the lake at the University of Surrey). 220 more words


Poem Final

This is my final poem project. For my process, we recorded audio with a zoom recorder and exported them onto a share drive. We then imported them into premiere and cut the lines and strung them together to create the poem. 59 more words


Framework Podcasts (21st October)

I have downloaded the following podcasts for listening to on my iPod:





I am going to immerse myself in soundscapes for the next few days to try and really get to know what sort of thing I want to create.


Lecture-Inspired Listening (21st October)

I’ve made a playlist of all the artists and albums that Matt mentioned in the lecture. I will post some reflections on them once I’ve listened.


Soundscape Lecture Notes (20th October)

Creating Music Computers

Lecture 3 – Soundscapes


  • Think long and hard about the outcome
  • For creative, rich, process-based work, you need to do some listening, reading and analysis.
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