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Ulasan aktivitas matahari 13-19 Oktober 2014

Terjemahan dari http://www.stce.be/newsletter/pdf/2014/STCEnews20141024.pdf

Pekan ini diawali tanpa flare kelas C. Pada tanggal 14 Oktober, tercatat dua flare kelas M dari daerah di belakang tepi timur. Daerah tersebut kemudian dinomori sebagai NOAA 2192 ketika berotasi ke piringan matahari pada awal tanggal 17 Oktober. 121 more words

Aktivitas Matahari

Transparency in Physician Payments

The Open Payments Data system from the CMS is available online.  You can access the system (account needed – but free to sign up) with… 224 more words

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Where are our northern lights? Sunspot producing flares but not much else

TORONTO – When astronomers saw Jupiter-sized sunspot 2192 turning towards Earth, there was great anticipation of solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

One out of two isn’t bad — the massive sunspot has produced six X-class solar flares — the strongest type of flare — and more than a dozen M-class flares, the second-strongest type of flare. 839 more words


“I fight monsters. I can’t fight physics.”

Sometimes this blog languishes a little because I don’t know what to write. I’ve got a stock of articles written, but it’s hard to know what’s topical and others will find interesting, so I don’t post a lot of what I write. 1,496 more words

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