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Photos from the Awesome Aurora Show on Sept 12, 2014, That Will Make You Jealous

At 1am this morning, I found myself on the side of the road, mouth agape, staring at the sky. My vocabulary was reduced to the word “WOW!” and a series of expletives too impolite to print. 317 more words

Photo Essay

Hear This Guy Play 100 Of The Most Iconic Basslines Ever

People will argue until the end of time which part of the band is the most important. While this is not really the aim of this video, it sure makes a good case for the bass. 507 more words


Flare kelas X dan CME yang mengarah ke Bumi

Terjemahan dari http://spaceweather.com/ edisi 12 September 2014.

Daerah aktif NOAA 2158 bererupsi pada tanggal 10 September pukul 17:46 UT, menghasilkan sebuah flare kelas X1.6. Kilatan radiasi ultraviolet dari ledakan ( 188 more words


Could We See The Aurora Borealis Friday And Saturday?

Over the past couple of days we have seen a lot of activity from our sun in the form of powerful solar flares. With these solar flares the sun can release what are called “Coronal Mass Ejections” or CME’s that can hurl VERY hot plasma towards earth and effect everything from satellites circling the earth to our electrical grids here on the surface. 361 more words

Kyle Adams

Space Weather News for Sept. 9, 2014


This morning (Sept. 9th at 00:30 UT) the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2158 erupted, producing a long-duration solar flare and a bright CME.  The CME, which billowed away from the sun at nearly 1,000 km/s,  has an Earth-directed component.   51 more words



Dear Ones,

I liked Tom Lescher’s Pele Report, with its astrological ‘heads up’ for September 2014 (1).

I should also mention, the solar wind from the recent long M flare is likely to be felt on Earth late Thursday night (September 11) or early Friday morning (September 12). 854 more words