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FIFA's top lawyer quits amid ongoing ethics storm #HR #Management #Law

CMI: Management integrity at world football’s governing body FIFA has been called into question yet again, after the organisation’s independent ethics investigator Michael Garcia resigned in protest over the handling of his report into bidding for World Cups 2018 and 2022. 458 more words

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Defensible Documentation of Threat Cases

CCN Chairman, Bruce T. Blythe, recently published an article entitled, “Defensible Documentation of Threat Cases” on CCN’s sister company’s website Crisis Management International (CMI). 26 more words

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A New Chapter

On Sunday, I graduated from college (hence the subtitle change to the blog) and in a couple of weeks I will receive my certification to teach English to high school students. 786 more words


How do I change a constant based on the build target in Swift?

I need to use one of two different URLs depending on the build target.
If I build on the simulator I need to use URLA, on a device URLB. 58 more words

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JSON and threads, tasks workflow in SWIFT?

I parse a JSON to get some posts, then I add these posts to a core database. Finally I would print something. I wrote many println in my code to see what happens. 444 more words

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Brasil avanza en la selección de la torre de 105 mm. para su vehículo blindado 8x8

(defensa.com) Junto al vehículo blindado 6×6 Guarani (Viatura Blindada Transporte de Pessoal – Média de Rodas o VBTP-MR), el Ejército de Tierra brasileño quiere disponer de un vehículo 8×8 dotado de una torre con un cañón de 105 mm.

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Add a dictionary to an array in Swift

I created an array of dictionary, but I have an error, when I tried to add my object (a dictionary) to my array.
I have this error “AnyObject does not have a member named ‘append'” 72 more words

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