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The Digital CIO – fact or fiction?

I recently gave a keynote speech at an IT vendor conference at Gleneagles. The brief for my presentation was to explain to the audience of CEOs and other senior executives from a cross section of the technology vendor community how digital is changing the CIO role and what this means for IT vendors in terms of who they should be selling to and how. 1,247 more words

CIO Role

Create a shared to-do list. This should address: 1) strong leadership to get the team on the same page with clear, complementary roles and responsibilities; 2) a customer-centric agile planning process; 3) joint digital business transformation, starting with mobile moments; and 4) opportunities to gain deeper insights and connections from customer data.

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AOL’s advertising CMO Erika Nardini has left the company. The exec has worked at a variety of ad jobs in the Internet space, including at Demand Media, Yahoo and Microsoft. 35 more words


So what does that mean for the retail industry in 2015? The biggest driver in the consumer marketplace will be the yin and yang around the dueling emotions of self-indulgence and unselfishness.

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CMOs will insist on taking charge as a full corporate officer. Bringing their knowledge about customers, markets, and competition to bear, CMOs will champion efforts to build a customer-centric organization culture, uniting all organization functions around a common set of principles and practices that build tighter customer relationships and differentiated experiences.

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In recent decades we have already experienced incredible speed of the innovation, with the introduction of the internet, smartphones and tablets all dramatically changing our world and how companies and customers interact.

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Weekly Round-Up: Top Five Articles for CMOs and Event Marketers

What are CMOs and event marketers talking about this week?  It’s all right here. Read posts ranging from how digital marketing is creating higher, perhaps unrealistic expectations of CMOs, to what you can do to re-engage your leads and prevent them from going cold. 212 more words

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