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Customer Centricity, CMO and Big Data

In the last post we showcased the changing role and importance of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). The gaining dominance of IT, and how new trends, namely – … 494 more words


Donation = Marketing

Product donations are typically based on surplus inventory.

If we thought of product donations as marketing material, would we still send the same product out the door?

Technical marketing: real life photography is key to better content.

“You have to be willing to press out there to take the risk to push to the edge to your own comfort zone to look for the next right answer (…) when I go after a photograph of an extraordinary vision (…) I try to celebrate what’s best in the shot (…) that connects us with our passion and emancipates the energy (..) our lives are about continuously finding the right next answer, continuously zooming in and out.” … 648 more words


Gain consumer insight - for free.

A lot of marketers spend a lot of time seeking the answer to one of two questions on consumer behavior:

“Why did they buy?”

“Why… 623 more words


Big Data and the Banking CMO

While I continued my roles and responsibilities of managing a portfolio of projects on the New Application Capabilities within the ITS department of ING Belgium… 557 more words


Marketing’s New Digital Role Is Shortchanging IT - HBR


As evidence of marketing’s central role, just look at which department in your firm is commanding the fastest-growing share of the technology budget and attracting the lion’s share of data analysts and data scientists. 255 more words


I agree with Bono...

U2’s Bono made a guest appearance at Cannes Lions Festival on Saturday to receive the inaugural LionHeart award for his work co-founding and campaigning for anti AIDS charity (RED), a commendable achievement. 327 more words