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Living with someone in Chronic Pain: Read on!

While a chronic illness patient fights his/her own battle every minute of every hour, there is an external comfort they perpetually look out for. Although they understand that no one can share their pain physically, it’s also true that their partner/soul-mate/husband or wife/beloved’s presence and understanding, vanishes half of it and other half could be taken care by medicines and pain therapy. 913 more words

Will Technology Always Be Too Advanced For Your Marketing Department?

Content Management Systems are becoming more and more advanced.  These systems are starting to give users who are not programmers the ability to perform functions that would require advanced web coding capabilities.   228 more words

Digital Marketing Titan

O convite à não participação

É já um clássico por cá e não é de agora. Toda a vida fomos mal informados sobre situações como datas de Assembleias Municipais ou de Freguesia. 679 more words

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Share Your World 2015 - Week 3

Every week, Cee’s Photography does a Share Your World challenge, where questions are asked and participants give their answers. There’s some great questions this week! 529 more words

Share Your World

LOVE: from different (abled's) views

When ‘K’ went down on his knees in front of everybody, I couldn’t believe him. I knew he loves for me, for a long time, but I went to every extent to avoid this mainly because I refused to accept the fact that someone who is normal (apparently) can love someone like me. 528 more words

A New Year of Branching Out

I asked a good friend about the title for this website. I’ve always loved singing, and I knew that I have migrated here in there in trying new things and figuring out how to deal with old things. 178 more words


King Laugh

All my bad feelings, Despair, Anxiety, Fear and others farted around and loitered in the great desolate fields of my imagination. Tension wandered in circles around grey trees and could not name them. 449 more words