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MC Eiht - Shut Em Down (feat. Outlawz)

If you don’t know the history of MC Eiht, or just think of him as that dude from Menace II Society, please go look him up. 19 more words


CMW - Sister

I am a sister. A little sister and a big sister. And I want to be the best sister ever. The strongest, sweetest and most amazing sister ever.


Smashing Limits - Your Plan

Are you ready?  “Ready for what?”

Ready to smash through limits and not only get into the best shape of your life, but reach new levels of happiness and fulfillment.   746 more words

Motivation And Inspiration

Tire Crawl Exercise Circuit

Put in work.  Finish the week strong.  Focus.  Have fun!  Work(out) relentlessly.

Keeping it fresh is the key to consistency.

Non-traditional exercises In the video: 147 more words

Fat Loss

Kettlebell Exercise : KB Burpee

I have a great body fat-torching exercise for you today:  The Kettlebell Burpee.

It will get your metabolism rocking, work your whole body and challenge you while making you stronger in mind & body. 67 more words

Fat Loss

Monday Mindset: Episode 1

Monday, Monday..Get excited, fired up to succeed and pursue your goals & dreams!

Get your workout in today no matter what.
Start the week of with a relentless mindset with no limits. 63 more words

Motivation And Inspiration

FSF: Fit and Happy

FSF   |   Finish Strong Friday:  End the week with health, fitness and a persistent effort to achieve your dreams & pursuit of greatness.  Block out haters and remove energy vampires from your life. 60 more words

Motivation And Inspiration