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A review and meta-analysis of the effects of multiple abiotic stressors on marine embryos and larvae

Marine organisms are simultaneously exposed to anthropogenic stressors with likely interactive effects, including synergisms in which the combined effects of multiple stressors are greater than the sum of individual effects. 258 more words


Effects of increased pCO2 levels on the nematocyst densities in the symbiotic sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima

The temperate sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima participates in a facultative symbiosis with two genera of unicellular photosynthetic algae. Under stressful conditions such as increased levels of pCO2, anemones expel their algal symbionts causing the anemones to rely more heavily upon heterotrophic feeding. 119 more words



I can’t remember if I ever went to any aquarium or sea-park at all, so I’m gonna assume I didn’t. Well, not if you count going to “Boudewijn park”, but that is kind of a very blurry memory, so I’m gonna keep it at zero. 512 more words

November 2014

Updating my blog...

Bear with me! In the meantime, enjoy this cheerleader crab. They grasp tiny anemones with their chelipeds (aka claws) and wave them around in the water like pom poms. 34 more words