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Apakah Coral itu?

Coral itu Tanaman, Mineral atau Hewan?

Karang mungkin terlihat seperti batu dan berbagi beberapa karakteristik tanaman, mereka sebenarnya adalah hewan. Tepatnya mereka adalah invertebrata air laut  (dikenal sebagai polip),  hidup di air dangkal yang hangat di perairan pesisir yang jernih dan tersebar di seluruh dunia.


Sea Anemones and The Wonder of Their Tentacles! By Carlos Carranza.

I have always been very interested in maintaining aquariums at home. I first started off with freshwater aquariums but now I have moved on to maintaining a more challenging saltwater aquarium. 621 more words


Invertebrate of the Week #3 - Marrus orthocanna

We’re sticking with the ocean theme this week and highlighting the spectacular physonect siphonophore Marrus orthocanna.

Siphonophores are a member of the same taxonomic Class as jellies (Hydrozoa) and are a truly intriguing group of animals.   287 more words

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Jellies: Why they’re nervous and why they make us nervous. By Ellory Loughridge

Scyphozoans are perhaps some of the most beautiful, enchanting, and mysterious animals to have ever branched onto the tree of life. Comprised of the “true jellies,” scyphozoans are characterized by the typical bell shaped medusa body plan that most people associate with the term “jellyfish.” It is easy to become mesmerized by the graceful flowing motion of a scyphozoan medusa as I often have in aquarium visits throughout my life. 663 more words