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Trace element profiles of the sea anemone Anemonia viridis living nearby a natural CO2 vent

Ocean acidification (OA) is not an isolated threat, but acts in concert with other impacts on ecosystems and species. Coastal marine invertebrates will have to face the synergistic interactions of OA with other global and local stressors. 330 more words


Invertebrate of the Week #6 - Giant Green Sea Anemone (Anthopleura xanthogrammica)

If you’re a young seabird, this week’s Invertebrate of the Week is right out of your nightmares.  A recent article in Marine Ornithology demonstrated that these flashy tide-pool denizens are capable of consuming young avian prey that happens to get too close.   567 more words

Invertebrate Of The Week

Ongeim’l Tketau - Palau's Jellyfish Lake

When I think of jellyfish (Phylum: Cnidaria), I typically think of the ocean and not a lake.  Then again, nature loves to shake things up from time and time and Ongeim’l Tketau in Palau (aka “Jellyfish Lake”) serves as a delightful reminder of our biosphere’s affinity for the unusual. 606 more words

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