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Obama Admits American Role in Neofascist Coup in the Ukraine on CNN

THIS is what the Republican neocons and Democratic interventionists spit on…


THIS is what they support today in the “Ukraine”… why is the USA shitting on our glorious past… why is the USA aiding neofascists who glorify the Nazis? 89 more words


Super Bowl advertisers 'are on trial'

For companies like T-Mobile, TurboTax, Esurance and Wix.com, Sunday night is a $4.5 million moment.

from Business and financial news – CNNMoney.com http://ift.tt/1tSk5KA

via IFTTT… 9 more words


Comparative Media Analysis

For this assignment I chose to compare the television coverage of the terror group ISIS and their surrounding issues from CNN and The Colbert Report. I found this comparison challenging as the two outlets cover very different issues surrounding Islamic State, in very different ways. 405 more words

The tale of the missing Super Bowl tape

Most of the first Super Bowl in 1967 was lost to history – until a dusty copy of the broadcast was found in a Pennsylvania attic. 29 more words


3,300 crash claims filed against GM

More than 3,350 claims have been filed to Kenneth Feinberg against General Motors, alleging the automaker’s vehicles with faulty ignition switches caused deaths and injuries. 22 more words


Videos | Marissa Alexander Released From Jail but Remains on House Arrest

Marissa Alexander has been released from jail, but is she really free wearing a GPS ankle bracelet? Remember she’s already served 3 years behind bars, simply for FIRING A GUN IN THE AIR. 723 more words


Sunday Bloody Sunday: My Weekly Rotation. I have been delinquent in my bloggerly duties, but i will return to form post haste........

  • MF DOOM ft Quasimoto: Shadow of Tomorrow
  • Aaliyah: It’s Whatever
  • Noreaga: Sometimes
  • A$AP Rocky: Keep It G
  • Big Sean ft Drake & Kanye West: Blessings…
  • 39 more words