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co lab: ad re-contextualization

For my reenactment of a form of public address from the past, I chose a variety of misogynistic ads from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. I took on the persona of a magazine editor, circling in red the ideas that I found to be the most problematic and harmful to women. 219 more words


co lab: subversive catcalling

In our public performance “Catcalling”, Emily Wright, Carlyn Slagle, Julia Guerriero, and I all brought attention to the most socially acceptable form of sexual harassment: catcalling. 75 more words


Co-Lab: Physicalization of Twitter Feed

Bathroom hobbies pre-twenty-first century: Reading
Twenty-first century bathroom activity: Scrolling through your cell phone


co lab: @newmoticons

For my community-based twitter project, I chose @newmoticons, a twitter dedicated to creating new emoticon faces. Most of them are funny, adorable, and oddly specific. 103 more words


Co:Lab- Postcard/Sound Project

On March 30th, Group D was assigned the task of creating a postcard that represented where the student “was” and put an image to that place. 136 more words

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