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Co-Lab: Physicalization of Twitter Feed

Bathroom hobbies pre-twenty-first century: Reading
Twenty-first century bathroom activity: Scrolling through your cell phone


co lab: @newmoticons

For my community-based twitter project, I chose @newmoticons, a twitter dedicated to creating new emoticon faces. Most of them are funny, adorable, and oddly specific. 103 more words


Co:Lab- Postcard/Sound Project

On March 30th, Group D was assigned the task of creating a postcard that represented where the student “was” and put an image to that place. 136 more words

Co: Lab

Co:Lab- Balloon Letter

On March 30th, 2014, Group D received an assignment to create a letter of some sort. The contents of the later could contain anything our little hearts desired, just as long as we completed the letter within the class period to tie the letter to the ends of a few balloons.  52 more words

Co: Lab

co lab: sign poetry

For my assigned “sign poetry” day, April 2nd, I chose to display the phrase “gopher it”, a play on the exclamation “go for it”. When we initially got this assignment, I immediately knew I wanted to use this phrase — it’s something that I say amongst my friends all the time. 58 more words


co lab: sound postcard

In order to translate my visual postcard of a snowbank into sound, I used a variety of sound clips that evoke the harsh and unrelenting nature of winter. 113 more words