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Sometimes you're the Louisville slugger...

Apologies to those who have no cultural reference for the title… I seem to make a habit of using song lyrics to sum up how I feel. 554 more words


What Participatory Arts can teach us about Political Engagement

The relationship between art and politics goes back a very long way. Both are as old as our capacity for reason and in many ways they epitomize it. 730 more words

Life all good selfies, co-production for research into dementia might not be as it appears

This was the famous selfie from the Oscars which went viral all over the internet, partly thanks to social networking sites such as Twitter.

But this snap photo explains why Liza Minelli was unable to make it. 1,741 more words


When working for becomes working with...

Look on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social media outlets over the past few weeks, and ImproveCareNow is all over the place. 893 more words

Patients & Families

CPA - are we there yet?

I was asked by @@WeMHnurses to get involved in hosting a Twitter Chat about CPA. I agreed (with a fair bit of persuasion as I am quite new to Twitter).   564 more words

Sharing Your Experience & Views

Effective Service delivery? Can decentralisation policy survive in Uganda?

On Dec 2006, Uganda Radio Network released news that the central government of Uganda took over 70 kilometres of roads within Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. 1,021 more words


Who wins in Uganda? Bottlenecks vs. Achievements in Service Delivery’s Decentralisation Policy

Like in almost all developing countries, Uganda hasn’t been an exception of poor quality service delivery (referring to education, health, water and sanitation, infrastructure, etc.) provided by the Government (GoU) to all people. 991 more words