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Pesky Eternal Optimism

I may be hungover, I may be quietly tormented by my need for that upcoming root canal, I may have an exploding inbox and a “To Do” list I’m never quite liberated from. 977 more words


My Love-Quadrilateral


… I bet you’re wondered why I started this post with a keyboard smash, and I promise you, it’s for a good reason. 301 more words

Personal Junk

Michille: Co-Writing

Last week I talked about an idea for a new adult romantic comedy that my daughter and I are considering writing. I don’t know the first thing about co-writing (I don’t know a whole lot about solo writing). 320 more words

Writing Process

Stuck? Listen and Learn.

The other day I had a first time co-writing session with a songwriter I recently met online. After the obligatory get to know you period, we picked up our guitars and got started. 286 more words

No border

Seashores in the sun, gardens behind a wall,
Imagination will take its run-up everywhere,
Dreams under the moon and blue prayers enthrall
Nothing is impossible for there is no border, 180 more words


Fading ego

Nothingness is submerging me
Filling my presumptuous heart
With the void of edenic Purity,
“I”is dying, divine love’s emerging!

Illusions of such status extinguishing
Burning the ”I” in fire of ”You!” 136 more words


Guardian Angel

My heart stood still when I recognized you
For I had been searching

The deep-blue tone of your melodious voice
The sweet smile of your gentle fraternal soul… 199 more words