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Limited Online Coaching Deals

Hey guys, so I could write a load of spiel about how my coaching services are all bespoke, fit around your lifestyle and will get you great results. 190 more words

Fat Loss


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Be inspired!

Life is worth lived, if you do what you really want to do. If you want to live on the Bahamas, go and live there. If you want to become a successes, work passionately. 497 more words


Is Rhabdo Really CrossFit's Dirty Little Secret?

As a health and fitness writer, I can confidently say that fitness trends tend to come and go quicker than the seasons. I personally think this can be attributed to a society-wide, exaggerated case of attention deficit disorder; everyone is constantly interested in the latest craze or the quick fix. 1,107 more words


Student of The Game

“He’s pretty good. You can tell he’s going to be GOOD when he’s older,” I said to Coach Derek as we watched the younger players scrimmage towards the end of a Pro Performance clinic from the side boards. 2,308 more words