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Offensive Skills.

At Technique we all agree that offense is not hitting!!  How many times as a coach after a loss, you look at the score book to see you had more hits than your opponent?   312 more words


Criticism, How to make it count!

Criticism!  How do we handle criticism?  It’s going to happen, as a coach you are going to receive and you are also going to give criticism to your players.   284 more words


Control What you Can.....

At Technique we believe that in baseball you can only control two things:

1.  Attitude

2.  Throws

That’s it….

Attitude is important, players must be prepared to work hard daily with the appropriate attitude.   290 more words


Practice should be FAST!!

I love speed at practice, it builds focus and mental toughness.  Speed is fun, does not give anyone on the field time to sit.  At Technique we always want speed at practice and frequently we remind our athletes “THE CLOCK IS TICKING”.   328 more words


What's Your Style of Play??

In baseball there are basically two types of coaches: one that waits for things to happen, and the other that makes things happen!  At Technique we choose the make things happen approach!   361 more words


Build you Pyramid Before Your Team...

Everyone walking on this planet has the same features, the same body parts, the same organs, yet we are all wired different in our thought process.   421 more words


Baseball: A Game of Catch

Keep it simple……..teaching the simple task of catching and throwing a baseball is probably the most challenging concept we face at Technique.  We approach every athlete no matter the age group as if he has never thrown or caught a baseball before, at Technique we believe that teaching throwing must begin at the most simplistic stage and be developed over the course of the season. 448 more words