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Because we run so many ‘nub’ formations in spread (2 man surfaces on both sides of the center) we felt like it was important to keep a midline attack in the offense at all times. 260 more words

Spread Offense

Old School Package Plays- 'Cadillac' and 'Sand Lot'

With some of the great stuff being done in football right now, I had one of those ‘flashbacks’ to some plays we used years ago which are fore-runners to current day package plays. 492 more words

4 Verts out of a 3x1 Set: Timing is Everything

I had a post on this that linked to my ‘educreations’ account- but I erased that playbook and lost the link.

My view on passing concepts is that EVERYTHING is a child of 4 verticals. 338 more words

Spread Offense

Player-Coach: Questioning Process vs. Questioning Authority

It’s not often discussed, but the quality of coaching and leadership adds another layer of complexity to evaluating prospects.

One of the great things about the Internet – specifically social media – is having conversations with people who don’t go with the herd. 858 more words

Matt Waldman

Concept Run Game

I know that I must frustrate some coaches when I do a clinic talk or consult with a staff. I will typically draw all runs, screens, and passes without a defense. 1,147 more words

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How to Play- "Sneak Attack" with Your Youth Football Team- and Other Program Builders

If you are a head coach of a high school program, it is so important if you can- to try and develop your feeder programs. 808 more words

Coaching Football

Why We Went to "Time-Clock" for Medium Game Routes

This post seems to be a little late… because we have been using this system for route running since 1996!

We have always had a passing tree. 636 more words