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"Does India need more Super-30's?"


Rated the best school of ASIA in 2010 and in the list of $ most innovative schools of the world; SUPER 30 is the biggest phenomenon in the educational ground of India. 344 more words


THE NEXT LEVEL Coaching by Gabriel Suppiah

This is the trend today folks. People who come for coaching programs today have a tendency to ask these questions:

1. How can your program change my life? 143 more words

5 Reasons to Redefine Leadership

Too often leadership is seen as the job of the chosen few and dictated by the org chart. Let’s move past this arcane concept and change our paradigm. 252 more words


Post Holiday Rebalance

Today I intend to seek the positive in everything.

There is sometimes a low that settles after the high of being refreshed from a long vacation that can cause a sense of negativity towards the return to ‘reality’. 77 more words

Mission Statement

My name is Cory Melkert, I am going into my Senior, and final, year of hockey for the Fredonia State Blue Devils. I have recently been named captain for the upcoming season. 164 more words


Expert mentors are the solution.

  The knowledge management guru Dave Snowdon says:

We know more than we can say.

We say more than we can write.

Any system that relies on writing loses content and context.  241 more words

Survival Tricks

Are You Helping the Cause?

I am coaching two AAU basketball teams this Spring, and I did not have any input in selecting the players for either team. The reality is that each team has a 6 or 7 player core that can function at a certain level of play. 345 more words