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Day 21 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ "What you resist persists. And what you look at, disappears." Neale Donald Walsch

Day 21

“What you resist persists. And what you look at, disappears.” Neale Donald Walsch

This is an interesting quote.  When we ignore a situation or problem it will continue and grow out of control, however if we deal with the problem or situation it will go away.   167 more words


Delivering the Right Approach

Everyone is unique. We are all different people with different personalities, shaped by our experiences.

The job of a coach is to understand your players, their personalities, motivations and psyches. 188 more words


Quoth Me #2

Quoth Me #2

Art is about what others tell you they see so you can pin point just to what level of dysfunctional they’re running at. 123 more words


When To Hire a Coach

When I started running, it was a very solitary thing. I wasn’t comfortable running with a group, and I ran to have a break from people. 935 more words


Don't get taken Hostage

Sometimes we just hear stuff that resonates, and need to stop and pay attention. I’ve spent years studying what helps people perform and find work that ignites them (or in a “job”, joy). 166 more words


Are You TOO Nice? 4 Ways to Be Compassionate and Fair

I once worked with a VP who was at the tail end of a situation that had gotten out of hand. Six months prior, one of his senior directors—who I’ll call Shari, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. 733 more words

Performance Management

What do I DO as a COACH?

Okay, most people who are slightly interested in this business, are hesitant because they don’t know WHAT they do as a COACH!  So, this will be brief….as to not OVERLOAD you with information. 424 more words