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It's Raining; I am Sad

Many people feel blue or down when they look out the window in the morning and see that the weather is not good. They firmly believe that the weather can affect their mood. 439 more words


Está lloviendo; estoy depre

Muchas personas se sienten depres o desganadas cuando miran por la ventana al levantarse y ven que el tiempo es malo. Creen firmemente que la climatología puede afectar a su estado de ánimo. 513 more words


I Ching.

The ancient Book of Mutations is a personal development tool created from the Ying and Yang concept, converted in Trigrams and then added up in a Exagram. 763 more words


Air Travel, Leading and Stress: What do these have in common?

Stress is part of our lives. Outside forces can cause us stress and we can also bring on stress for others and ourselves. Air travel is a source of stress; that’s what makes it a good metaphor for stress management behaviors. 527 more words


Digital Walkthroughs: Use Skitch to Capture, Advance, and Celebrate Learning

School leaders: Every time we enter a classroom, we don’t have to sit down and commence with a ten minute formal walkthrough. Instead, consider using a photo app such as Skitch to take a picture of best practice. 136 more words


What might influence the success of your business? Get it done!

Thoughts come and go, some stay shouting at me: write me down. Some of them I also publish, as this thought stream. I just had this thought on my mind: What is the difference between more successful and not successful companies? 27 more words

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Programming Your Workouts

If you are blessed to be an athlete regularly attending a crossfit box then odds are you don’t need to worry about programming, because, as my boss/friend says, “our programming defines us as a box” and he’s right. 516 more words