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Awareness, intent and a few other thoughts

Recently a gym member sent me an email revealing the realization that he was focusing on landing punches to the exclusion of everything else. Essentially he was hitting mostly with his fist. 705 more words

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Coach's Corner - The Warm Up

Race day can be a little stressful. Certain stressors; pre- hot date, pre-roller coaster ride and certainly pre-race jitters, can be a good thing.  These are referred to as “eustress”.  330 more words

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Yesterday a boxer asked me what kind of boxers could we expect heading up to Canada this weekend. I had to answer, “I don’t know.” I just gave him a big heaping pile of unknown! 519 more words

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Coach's Corner Rewind: October 11, 2014

It’s the first Saturday night of the 2014-15 NHL season, and that means it’s the first edition of the “new” Hockey Night in Canada. Here’s what happened during the “new” Coach’s Corner in the first intermission, which has now been cut to just a five-minute segment.

HUGE Announcement re: Judy Brown (Productivity Coach at Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis)

Today is a Big Day for Judy Brown and for Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis!!  As a Coaching and Training company, Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis hired Judy Brown to be our Productivity Coach a number of years ago.   263 more words

From The Team Leader

Willing to be hit

To be willing to be hit is a powerful skill.
As always, boxing is a backward sport. It’s never like you think.

To be powerful, you must be relaxed, to be accurate you cannot aim, to have strength, you don’t need huge muscles and to be elusive, you have to be willing to be hit. 213 more words

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