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Lest We Forget. "Remembering Abbott's Past"

The Guardian has judged him as ‘’politically incorrect to the point of dementia’’

New Statesman said Abbott represents ‘’politics at its most crass, exploitative and disturbing’’ 3,072 more words


Why Falling Unemployment Can Be Bad News For Everyone

More people are in work than ever before claim the DWP triumphantly as the unemployment figures show another huge rise in self-employment.  Whether these people are making any money, or whether they are pensioners with an ebay hobby, does not seem to matter as the Tories attempt to spin that Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are working. 544 more words

Welfare Reform

my life is not your market

my life is not your market*

such anger
at ConDem

at managerialism
the smiling arrogance

that renders me powerless
in the name of progress

swallows any beauty in my world… 303 more words


Beyond the Barriers: The Work Programme

I do not think; if I had written Beyond the Barriers that I would have devoted nine pages to the Work Programme. I would just have written, scrap it and recycle the money to use to better effect elsewhere. 944 more words

An all-out assault on the principles of social housing (August 2013)

A recent Inside Housing article neatly summarises the recent Government changes to social housing, described by Inside Housing as ‘an all-out assault on the principles of social housing’. 392 more words

Analysis of last week's housing annoucements (July 2013)

Below is a blog from Jules Birch as featured on the Inside Housing website. It gives a really good analysis of last weeks housing announcements in the Spending Review and by the Treasury. 1,443 more words

The end of HB for under 25s? (July 2012)

Last week David Cameron announced a number of policy initiatives, including a proposal to cut housing benefit for anyone under 25. My mind absolutely boggles at how on earth he thinks this is a good idea. 1,056 more words