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Ramblings From the Co-Author

As one man once said (in a reference I hope people will get), “First things first, but not necessarily in that order”.

I suppose I should start with the introduction. 361 more words


Next Stop, Ideas Central

Alrighty. Time for an update.

We decided early on (read: two weeks ago) that we would have 100 characters overall in the novel. These 100 characters (rather, two main characters and 98 supporting) are the representatives of the tiny town we’re working on. 190 more words


Experts Talk: Danielle Smith, 330 Media

We continue our series “Experts Talk” with a conversation between speaker, author, and digital storyteller Danielle Smith and Bookgirl founder Aliza Sherman. Danielle is Aliza’s co-author on two books: … 957 more words


A Few Bricks Here

Well, I told you guys last week about the collaborative novel my friend (from now I’ll call him Co-Author) and I are planning. It’s tricky right now because one of us is at university (him) and the other is not, but practicing to become a Responsible Adult (me), and we also have our own separate projects going. 212 more words


From the Ground Up

I may have mentioned this, that I have a friend with whom I’m going to collaborate on a novel?

Well, in the past few days I’ve begun my non-existent map-drawing skills. 172 more words


Two Minds Are Better Than One

I think one of the best things about working with a co-author is the fact that you have someone to tell you when an idea is really bad. 460 more words