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E diventammo protagonisti di un fumetto

Amici, segnaliamo con malcelata soddisfazione che i xKATExMOSHx sono diventati protagonisti di un fumetto. L’autrice è Silvia Sicks, instancabile illustratrice romana che molti conosceranno tra le altre cose per le bellissime locandine ed artwork (tra i quali anche una delle due versioni del nostro primo 7”) di svariati gruppi attivi in Italia. 30 more words


Kurt Cobain Exhibition

Today in my Venue and Gallery Management class, we spoke about what our potential subjects for our final Gallery Proposal would be. I had decided earlier that my exhibition would be centred around the life of Kurt Cobain. 213 more words

Street Portrait #180

- Street Portrait (for and of Cobain), 2014 -

Since I’ve been out and about again, I haven’t taken that many portraits and most of them have been on Great Queen Street – it seems to draw the kind of people I like to photograph. 61 more words


Kurt Cobain: About a Son- Full movie

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Nirvana Live at Reading- Full movie

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Weddings We Wish We&rsquod Been At: Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love

Would you wear a second hand dress to your wedding?  A lot more importantly would you let your groom put on his pyjamas?!?  Not your usual type of celebrity weddings it appears then. 25 more words

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