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Lana Del Rey: "I've Slept With alot of guys in the industry"

Lana Del Rey made some questionable remarks in the August issue of Complex about physical love (whatever that means) and sleeping her way to the top. 289 more words


Time for an iOS update

Ios is Australia. Shit tattoos run rampant and there’s mimco pouches as far as the eye can see which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it doesn’t feel like you’re in Greece and that sucks. 744 more words

Who Is The Best: Axl Rose or Kurt Kobain?

People write me countless e-mails, send countless letters, and approach me in the streets, while I’m on the can, and during my various stages of undress. 3,193 more words


The Strange Power of Makeup

Today was an okay day so I guess I won’t do the dark-depression post, haha.

Hello everyone,

As you know, this month is Ramadan and just like another Muslims all around the world, I’m fasting. 829 more words


Thoughts on a 90s Rock Album*

Draft 1
Burn mediocrity.
Fucking destroy it in the fire of art.
Draw it together with your hands and incinerate it.
Throngs descending, carrying out onto the street all that must be engulfed in joyous flaming flames. 134 more words


The Saw Man Came

In a sleepy Midwestern town, people are drooping dead. Bodies are being found sawn asunder. The local officials say it’s due to natural causes. There’s no need for alarm. 896 more words