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Cobain Suicide Shirt: Profiting from Death

Shocking fashion statements are nothing new, but in the past few years attempts to connect with the new generation of ‘edgy’ teenagers has pushed its limit. 553 more words


When The Guys Stole My Guitar

The Best Thing I Ever Had in Life, Tekken in the Blink Of an Eye
An Autobiographical Essay By Derringer M. Krispy: Rock Meister, Artist, and All-Around Cool Guy… 1,108 more words


"It's better to burn out than to fade away"

I can’t believe people are actually selling shirts with Cobain’s suicide note on it. But in today’s world where lack of respect is a norm, nothing much should surprise us anymore.

Shirts Emblazoned with Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note Now For Sale – The Death of Human Decency has Arrived

We’ve reached a cultural tipping point. We are now printing famous suicide notes on t-shirts.

The suicide note in question is Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and the shirts are being proliferated by a Thai eBay seller. 290 more words

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New Vinyl: "Vs"

If a fortyish man ever asks you, “Were you a Nirvana fan or a Pearl Jam fan?”, you’re talking to a Nirvana fan. Pearl Jam fans never ask this question. 237 more words